HASBROUCK HEIGHTS, NJ -  Hasbrouck Heights Library Director Mimi Hui presented Councilman Steven Reyngoudt and Mayor Jack DeLorenzo with two library books in appreciation to their on-going support.  The two books dedicated by the library, “When You Grow Up to Vote” by Eleanor Roosevelt and "My Government, Civic Government" were chosen to encourage children to become civic leaders.

Three Communications were approved by the Council.  

  1. Letter from NJDOT advising that the borough has been selected to receive funding from the FY 2019 Municipal Aid Program for the Raymond Street Project in the amount of $202,000.

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  2. Invitation from Chief Roccamo to attend the Hasbrouck Heights Fire Department Annual Inspection on May 18, 2019

  3. Letter from Contemporary Club requesting to plant a tree and place a commerorative stone.

The Bills passes unanomiously as did the Consent Agenda, which consists of the following:

  • 64. Payroll
  • 65. Authorizing the Conduct of Sidewalk Sales by businesses located on the Boulevard during the Farmer’s Market.
  • 66. Self-Examination of Budget Resolution
  • 67 Payment of State Training Fees
  • 68 Resolution Endorsing the Housing Element and Fair Share Plan of March, 2019
  • 69 Marriage/Civil Union Licensees - Payment of Fees to State
  • 70 Dog Licenses  - Payment of Fees to State

Ordinance on Introduction, No 245, Ordinance to exceed municipal budget appropriation limits and to establish a cap bank for the year 2019.

The Resolution pertaining to the Introduction of the Budget was passed by a 4-2 vote, Councilman Chistopher Hillmann and Councilman Steven Reyngoudt voted against the budget.

Budget Year 2019
General Appropriations For (Reference to item and sheet should be omitted in advertised budget  XXXXXXXXXXXX 
1.  Appropriations within "CAPS"  XXXXXXXXXXXX 
(a) Municipal Purposes {(item H-1, Sheet 19) (NJS 40A:4-45.2)        15,759,779.00
2. Approrpriations excluded from "CAPS:  XXXXXXXXXXXX 
(a) Municipal Purposes {(item H-2, Sheet 28A) (NJS 40A:4-45.3 as amended)          3,787,912.23
(b) Local District School Purposes in Municpal Budget (Item K, Sheet 29)  
Total General Appropriations excluded from "CAPS" (item 0, sheet 29)          3,787,912.23
3. Reserve for Uncollected Taxes (item M, Sheet 29) Based on Estimated Percent of Tax Collections 98.02%              998,502.15
4. Total General Appropriations (item 3, sheet 29)       Building Aid Allowance   2019 - $
                                                                                                             for Schools - State Aid     2018 - $
5. Less: Anticipated Revenues Other Than Current Property Tax  (item5, sheet 11)
(i.e. Surplus, Miscellaneous Revenues and Receipts from Delinquent Taxes)
6. Difference: Amount to be Raised by Taxes for Support of Municipal Budget (as follows)  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
a) Local Tax for Municipal Purposes Including Reserve for Uncollected Taxes' (item 6a, Sheet 11        15,129,243.48
b) Addition to Local District School Tax (item 6b, Sheet 11)   
c) Minimum Library Tax              606,048.83



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