WOOD-RIDGE, NJ - Accreditation Program Manager Harry Delgado of the New Jersey State Association of Police Chiefs (NJSAPC) presented Wood-Ridge Police Chief John Korin with a certificate acknowledging that the Wood-Ridge Police Department had been re-accredited by the NJSAPC Wednesday evening at the Borough of Wood-Ridge Council meeting. 

Delgado explained that there are approximately 560 law enforcement agencies that are eligible for accreditation by the NJSAPC, and only 42 percent of those agencies have gone through the process once. A second round, a re-accreditation, has been successfully completed by only approximately 20 percent of the law enforcement agencies.

“The Wood-Ridge Police Department, under the direction of Chief John Korin has achieved a re-accreditation, demonstrating his commitment to his agency, to continue to adhere to state and national best practices in the field of law enforcement,” Delgado stated as he read from the final examination report. “The Wood-Ridge Police Department is a professional organization with discipline and well-trained personnel.  Their leadership is progressive and forward thinking with a high level of competence, leadership and professionalism is evident within the agency.

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“The agency plays a very proactive role in developing and maintaining excellent community partnerships,” Delgado continued. “Thus, it has developed strong community support as a result of the level of commitment that the police department shows to its citizens. The Police Department and its citizens make Wood-Ridge a great community.”

“It is the opinion of the assessment team that the Wood-Ridge Police Department is a highly professional, committed agency, which exemplified all the tenets of law enforcement accreditation. In the final assessment, there were no issues found, which is a remarkable final assessment,” 

“The New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police as well as the Law Enforcement Commission would like to congratulate Police Chief John Korin, Assistant Accreditation Manager, Lt. Scott Drotos, Assistant Accreditation Manager Sgt. William Wolfson, the members and staff of the Wood-Ridge Police Department, the Mayor, the Council and those citizens that they proudly serve, for achieving their re-accreditation, and joining a very exclusive group of law enforcement agencies in the state of New Jersey, that made this important commitment to excellence in policing.” Delgado concluded.

“This can’t be solely done from the Wood-Ridge Police Department itself,” said Chief Korin. “It is based with all the gentlemen and ladies up here that help the Police Department and support us with the manpower.  

“It goes back to my accreditation managers, and all the training, it is just perpetual to keep in compliance with all the State Attorney guideline that we need to follow.” Korin added.

“I attended the first accreditation, and actually testified behalf of the Borough of Wood-Ridge, and the panel, which is made up of the Chief of Police, and I went to the re-accreditation with Cheif Korin, were very impressed that an elected official came,”  stated Councilman Ezio Altamura, who serves as the Police Commissioner in his role on the Council. “Being a professional risk manager for many municipalities, when I spoke from a knowledge of what this accreditation is… I commend the Police Department for initiating this and the Joint Insurance Fund, for which the taxpayers pay for our protection and our insurance, actually discount our rates as a result of this accreditation.”

“For a small department to go through this is difficult,” stated Wood-Ridge Mayor Paul Sarlo. “There are many large departments throughout the state, that unfortunately, just ignore the process, which is unfortunate. If you look around the state, and locally, and see at what is going on inside some of the turmoil, quite frankly that is happening in these departments just amazes you.  And who is the loser in all that, the taxpayers are the losers.”

“We are proud collectively, our governing body, that we work together with our police department,“ Sarlo continued.  “People will always say “Well what about salaries?” Well sometimes you need to look beyond that, and we do here in Wood-Ridge.  We work with the Chief, we work with the individual members on an upward mobility system, bringing in younger members, insuring that the more senior members we know when they are looking to retire, it is all part of the process, it is all about communicating with one another. 

One of the reason I think we are in successful in Wood-Ridge is because we communicate,” Sarlo stated. “We may not always agree on every aspect, but communicate with the Chief, with the members."


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