HASBROUCK HEIGHTS, NJ -- The preliminary budget for the 2019 - 2020 school year and a Class 3 officer were discussed at a Hasbrouck Heights Board of Education special meeting late afternoon on Wednesday at Kiefer Auditorium.

The Board approved a preliminary budget of $36,617,830 for the 2019 - 2020 school year. The chart outline the basic budget:

  Budget Hasbrouck Heights Tax Levy Teterboro Tax Levy
Total General Fund $34,732,692*  $29,704,404  $ 225,170
Total Special Revenue  $ 866,600 N/A  N/A 
Total Debt Service  $1,018,538  $792,507  $6,007
Grand Total  $ 36,617,830  $30,496,911  $ 231,177


Other resolutions under Finance included:

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  1. Automatic health care adjustments in the amount of $9,567; 
  2. Withdrawal from Capital Reserve in the amount of $913,500 for the main office and classroom alterations at Lincoln and Euclid Elementary Schools.

According to DIna Messery, Business Administrator, the school district has a deadline of March 20 to submit their complete budget to the county for approval. The BOE will present the full budget to the community at its monthly meeting on April 24.

In the open discussion portion of the meeting, parent Lisa Krommenhoek asked the Board members about a Class III officer assigned to one of the elementary schools, which had received complaints about him raised by five parents. She wanted to know if the officer was still working in the school. Dr. Matthew Helfant, Superintedent of Schools, said the officer had his schedule adjusted not to be in the elementary schools during the day. When asked about next year, Helfant stated that "nothing is guaranteed" and that it was not a tenured position. 

Parent Antonette Vignola asked whether the Class III officers needed to re-apply for their jobs next year, and how they are vetted. It was explained that Class III officers are hired through the Borough and the Hasbrouck Heights Police Department, with monies being reimbursed from the district. They are police officers who are retired for five years. They receive SRO (School Resource Officer) training within their first year.

Kromennhoek also asked about the school report cards, which were released earlier in the day. 

"We will be sending out a letter to parents, and we'll post it on the website," said Helfant. "It's very similar to the ESSA report, so it's not new information."

He explained it will be reviewed with the all the administrators in an upcoming meeting. Helfant said he will address it at the next regular meeting of the Board of Education.


(Editor's Note: the asterisk indicates the budget number, $34,732,692, differs from the number which was noted in the official agenda, which was an oversight.)


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