STATEN ISLAND, NY - The Ocean Breeze Track and Field Facility in Staten Island was home to the Coach Glynn Holiday Carnival on Saturday, and once again several Hasbrouck Heights runners had impressive showings.  The meet was sponsored by Bergen Track & Field, LLC.

Maliki Burrell came home with an 8th place finish in the 55 meters, and a ninth place showing in the 400 meters.  Anthony DiLascio came in eight in the Freshman 55 meters. John Sedlmeir took him first in the Novice Triple jump, while finishing 10th in the 55-meters.  Vin Sedlmeir took home a 7th place in the high jump.

On the girls side, Brooke Freschi took 9th in the Freshman 200 meters, Amber Barrios took home a 10th in the varsity 400, while Megan Napolitano took home 8th place in the Novice 55 meter hurdles, and ninth place in the long jump.  Odalaina Gomez took fifth in the Novice high jump while Ella Reyngoudt took third in the freshman triple jump,  In the freshman long jump Freschi was third, and Mia Gagliano was sixth. 

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The girls freshman 4 x 400 team took third place, while the novice 4 x 800 team also placed third.

The boys 4 x 800 varsity team took fourth, while the novice group came in fifth.

55 METER DASH      
8.13 Kristine Robertson 28th Girls Varsity
8.48 Brooke Freschi 14th Girls Freshmen
8.77 Cristina Stanislaus 43rd Girls Novice
9.03 Mia Gagliano 41st Girls Freshmen
10.64 Gabby Ricno 60th Girls Freshmen
200 METER DASH      
30.54 Brooke Freschi 9th Girls Freshmen
31.46 Faith Brown 27th Girls Novice
32.26 Cristina Stanislaus 40th Girls Novice
32.5 Mia Gagliano 33rd Girls Freshmen
33.38 Alexa Garcia 38th Girls Freshmen
33.75 Sophia Bello 55th Girls Novice
36.16 Gianna Guerra 52nd Girls Freshmen
400 METER DASH      
01:03.7 Amber Barrios 10th Girls Varsity
01:06.7 Kristine Robertson 28th Girls Varsity
800 METER RUN      
03:03.9 Emma Cunningham 30th Girls Novice
1000 METER RUN      
03:35.1 Isabella Drezek 24th Girls Varsity
03:50.2 Valeria Dianderas 28th Girls Varsity
04:08.3 Roberta LaBarbera 31st Girls Varsity
10.43 Megan Napolitano 8th Girls Novice
10.64 Amber Barrios 12th Girls Novice
11.19 Odaliana Gomez 23rd Girls Novice
4X400 METER RELAY      
04:33.5 Relay Team 8th Girls Varsity
04:52.5 Relay Team 3rd Girls Freshmen
05:08.0 Relay Team 8th Girls Novice
4X800 METER RELAY      
11:31.3 Relay Team 3rd Girls Novice
4'4'' Odaliana Gomez 5th Girls Novice
12-6.5 Megan Napolitano 9th Girls Novice
12-4.5 Kristine Robertson 10th Girls Novice
12-3.75 Brooke Freschi 3rd Girls Freshmen
11-11.0 Mia Gagliano 6th Girls Freshmen
30-7.75 Odaliana Gomez 9th Girls Varsity
28-6.25 Ella Reyngoudt 3rd Girls Freshmen
27-5.25 Megan Napolitano 8th Girls Novice
25-9 Natalie Kroncke 5th Girls Freshmen
6'-00' Emma Cunningham 10th Girls Novice
6'-00' Megan Napolitano 12th Girls Novice
55 METER DASH      
6.93 Maliki Burrell 8th Boys Varsity
7.47 Anthony DiLascio 8th Boys Freshmen
7.65 Demir Mora 42nd Boys Novice
8.18 Shane Kasper 66th Boys Novice
200 METER DASH      
26.36 Demir Mora 29th Boys Novice
26.91 Anthony DiLascio 25th Boys Freshmen
28.32 Shane Kasper 64th Boys Novice
400 METER DASH      
54.05 Maliki Burrell 9th Boys Varsity
55.96 Michael Robertson 23rd Boys Varsity
58.33 Damian Summers 43rd Boys Varsity
800 METER RUN      
02:19.5 Michael Robertson 12th Boys Novice
1000 METER RUN      
02:53.4 Nick Bua 26th Boys Varsity
02:54.3 Jake Porco 31st Boys Varsity
02:57.4 TK Kasper 44th Boys Varsity
03:00.4 Cole Sonzogni 51st Boys Varsity
03:00.6 James Stanton 52nd Boys Varsity
03:01.8 Joe Canavatchel 53rd Boys Varsity
03:06.4 Andrew Oettinger 59th Boys Varsity
03:07.6 Mizan Modak 62nd Boys Varsity
03:17.0 Zach Cali 65th Boys Varsity
3200 METER RUN      
10:21.1 Jake Porco 16th Boys Varsity
10:26.7 Nick Bua 17th Boys Varsity
10:33.3 Evan Morrow 19th Boys Varsity
8.4 Vincent Sedlmeir 10th Boys Varsity
9.29 John Sedlmeir 30th Boys Varsity
9.89 Isaiah Brazzel 12th Boys Novice
4X400 METER RELAY      
03:42.0 Relay Team 4th Boys Varsity
04:06.6 Relay Team 5th Boys Novice
4X800 METER RELAY      
09:44.1 Relay Team 8th Boys Novice
5'6"" Vincent Sedlmeir 7th Boys Varsity
5'2" Evan Morrow 3rd Boys Novice
18-6 Maliki Burrell 21st Boys Varsity
15-7.5 Demir Mora 16th Boys Novice
14-0 Isaiah Brazzel 23rd Boys Novice
12-11.5 Anthony DiLascio 10th Boys Freshmen
37-2 John Sedlmeir 1st Boys Novice
29-11 Isaiah Brazzel 15th Boys Novice



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