On August 16th, Craig Cayetano, Green Party Candidate for Hawthorne Town Council Ward 3, co-hosted a campaign event with Strange Moon Creative Shop. “Tag The Town Green” welcomed townsfolk, friends, supporters, Cayetano’s team and the Passaic County Green Party to experience a wonderful artistic space in Hawthorne, NJ. The environmentally themed event was a way to introduce people to certain issues going on locally and nationally today: Fighting for Peace, Utilizing Ecological Wisdom and Mandating Water Protection.

Through three artistic designs created by artist and owner Samuel Nygard, patrons were able to paint and tag them in their own creative way. Social media was used to unveil two of the designs before the event. The third, “Water is Life,” was revealed to participants upon arrival. This activity created awareness and engaged conversations. 
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Samuel Nygard, owner said, “Small businesses in this town definitely suffer from a lack of support. It was a breath of fresh air to collaborate with Craig on the event. Great to see all of the fresh ideas, as well as community involvement.” 

Though this was the first public event of Craig Cayetano’s campaign, he has been active in the community, attending numerous events and going door-to-door. Focusing on the value of small business, improving infrastructure, preserving the environment and grassroots democracy, Craig refuses to take any corporate, developer or fossil fuel industry money. 

“As an advocate for those in Ward 3 and Hawthorne, I am proud to support an artistic space like Strange Moon Creative Shop. I have mentioned on social media how our community can grow and appeal to people in other ways than our neighboring towns. As a Green Party candidate independent of the major parties, I can create bridges in the community and can work objectively. My sole focus is to elevate the voices that may not ordinarily be heard. I would like to acknowledge Fat Moe’s, another local business, for the variety of delicious food provided for our guests.”
The campaign is planning another event shortly and is asking those in our community to reach out with your top concerns or issues not only in Ward 3, but in the town as well.

Online: www.cayetano4council.com, Facebook: cayetano4council, Instagram: @cayetano4council, Twitter: @Green4Ward3, Phone: (973) 433-6696 or by Mail: PO Box 448, Hawthorne NJ 07507.
Facebook: Cayetano4council
Instagram: @cayetano4council
Twitter: @Green4Ward3 
Website: www.cayetano4council
Photographs courtesy of Craig Cayetano (photo of Strange Moon Creative Shop and participants holding completed pictures) and Brian Johnson (@mrbrianphotography on Instagram) photo of Barry Bendar, new Treasurer-elect of GPNJ and Sam Nygard explaining the process of creating a completed picture