HAWTHORNE, NJ - Just over half a mile of the northern side of Goffle Hill Road, between Beverly Road and Goffle Road, will become a no parking zone, following the adoption of Ordinance 2206-18, due traffic space concerns and confusion.

The narrow stretch of Goffle Hill Road between Lafayette Avenue and Goffle Road which goes over Goffle Brook is already a restricted parking area.  This ordinance will, in effect, be an extension of that.

“When the county redid the road and they put in that ridiculous bike lane, people assumed that that became a parking lane, so we’re having problems with emergency vehicles and narrowing the roadway,” Mayor Richard Goldberg said, following questions from Councilman John V. Lane.  “It was an area traditionally never parked in before and we always assumed it was no parking, and when the police came to us, we checked and found out that it wasn’t, so this will be no parking all the way from Goffle Road to Beverly on that side of the road.  It’s tight.”

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The cited section of Goffle Hill Road is a slope, running past Thomas Jefferson Elementary School and Deep Brook in a predominantly residential area.

The council passed the ordinance unanimously, to be adopted as law at the council meeting on March 7, 2018.


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