The Hawthorne Environmental Commission, Hawthorne Green Team and Borough of Hawthorne sponsored a Garbage and Litter Clean-Up Campaign, entitled: “Help the Hawthorne Bee Defeat Litter!”  The Hawthorne Bee is back as the caped crusader against the debris that dirties Hawthorne.  The campaign commenced on Saturday, October 17, 2020 and will be an ongoing effort of all Hawthorne residents to come forth and Keep Hawthorne Clean! by cleaning up your neighborhood.

To help the Hawthorne Bee Defeat Litter, the Borough of Hawthorne distributed clean-up equipment, free of charge, to the residents who come to the municipal building parking lot on October 17th, 2020 from 9:00 am - 11:00 am.  Each person received a set of gloves, two (2) plastic bags, and for the first 25 residents, a free grabber to pick up garbage without the need to bend down.  Residents were required to wear mask and social distance. 

To keep everyone apprised of the progress of the clean-up campaign, the Environmental Commission and Green Team asked the Hawthorne Bee helpers to post their pictures with the Hawthorne Bee flyer on the Hawthorne Environmental Commission/Green Team Facebook Page: or send to the Hawthorne Environmental Commission email

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We are pleased to announce the Hawthorne Bee helpers and winners who helped the Hawthorne Bee Defeat Litter!   Prizes were generously donated by Matthew Hoogmoed (Hawthorne Honey, Bee Towel, and Bee soap), former Whims & Wishes, and Ellen Brogno (homemade Bee Hat and Scarf).

The Winners:

  • Most bags of trash (5 bags) - Ilona Katalin Kecskes
  • Most unusual (block of Styrofoam and lighter)- Ariana and Victoria Sisco
  • Most interesting (one (1) long gray sock) - Linda Sigler Oliveri

The following Hawthorne Bee helpers were recognized for their efforts:

  • Mary Curry
  • Kayla Brady
  • Maggie Zagatta
  • Ale and Tea Doty, and Ellie Killeen
  • Nathan and Hope Schwinge
  • Audrey and Oliver Parsons
  • Noah and Kayleigh Kroeze

All Hawthorne Bee helpers received a Certificate of Accomplishment, which states: “For developing interest in the saving of our environment through increased knowledge, planning, recycling and control of our natural resources and for setting an environmental example designed to make Hawthorne and the rest of our world a better, safer place for all of us and future generations to live.”  The Certificate of Accomplishment is signed by the Hawthorne Environmental Commission Chair, Rayna Laiosa, Hawthorne Environmental Commission Vice-Chair, Rosanne Zagatta, and Mayor of Hawthorne, Richard S. Goldberg.

Help The Hawthorne Bee Defeat Litter! campaign is one of the many vehicles employed by the Hawthorne Environmental Commission and Green Team to keep an ongoing awareness in the community to think green and preserve the natural beauty of the borough.  The citizens have again taken the challenge and provided a service to all by keeping Hawthorne litter free.  Now you can …

Look for the Hawthorne Bee and “Help the Hawthorne Bee Defeat Litter!”