HAWTHORNE, NJ - A clipper system moving east over the Ohio Valley will stall over New Jersey on Tuesday, bringing moderate snowfall to the northern and western portions of the state. The storm was originally anticipated to bring light snowfall, but changes in timing will see maximum totals of 6-8 inches in Sussex County, dropping to just 1-2 inches along the coast.

The National Weather Service is currently forecasting 3-4 inches for Passaic County, although deviations slightly below or above are possible. Models indicate totals will be affected by the position of the rain/snow line, which will initially form roughly along the Interstate 95 corridor. The leading edge of the system is expected to reach northeastern New Jersey between 3 PM and 6 PM, potentially creating hazards for the evening commute. Winter weather advisories issued by the National Weather Service urge caution while driving, with limited visibility expected, especially into the later evening hours and early Wednesday morning. Snow will be heavy and wet, with overnight temperatures hovering around 30 degrees.

As always, please refer to National Weather Service products for the latest updates and advisories. 

Daniel J. Ciarletta is a PhD candidate in Environmental Management at Montclair State University, with a research focus on sedimentology and coastal geomorphology.  He has more than a passing interest in the geology, geography, and history of New Jersey, and is also an avid hiker.