Dear Parents and Guardians: 

Registration for the September 2021 kindergarten class is now open via the district website:

To begin, please complete the online pre-registration process via our district website. All necessary documents should be sent to your resident school via email, fax, or mail by February 5, 2021. Parents and guardians who are unable to complete the process virtually should make an appointment with the school in order to complete the registration process. Here is some additional information to guide you through the registration process: 

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AGE REQUIREMENT: A child must be five years of age on or before October 1, 2021. We do not make exceptions to this cutoff date. State law requires an original birth certificate or a certified copy as proof of date of birth. 


Please contact your nearest elementary school if you question where to register based on your home address. School assignments for all registrants will be determined through a process that seeks to balance enrollment figures across the three elementary schools, taking into consideration the presence of siblings. 

PHYSICAL EXAMINATION: Each child is required to have a physical examination before entering kindergarten. Physical Examination/Medical History forms to report this information are available at each elementary school. Please present a copy of your student’s latest physical report to the nurse upon registration. Parents should be prepared to provide contact information for their child’s physician and dentist. 


● Four doses of diphtheria, tetanus toxoids, and pertussis vaccine (DPT) (One dose must have been administered on or after the fourth birthday.) 

● Three doses of live, oral poliomyelitis vaccine or enhanced inactivated poliovirus vaccine (IPV) (One dose must have been administered on or after the fourth birthday.) ● Two doses of live measles, rubella, and mumps virus vaccine administered on or after one year of age. (The vaccine is not required if there is documented laboratory evidence that the child has already had the disease.) 

● Three doses of a hepatitis B vaccine. 

● Varicella Vaccine – children born on or after January 1, 1998.

● A child’s immunization record may be reported by a record from a public health department or a certificate signed by a physician. 

Note: Medical exemptions are acceptable only from a licensed M.D., D.O., or Certified Nurse Practitioner. 

A record may report a child’s immunization record from a Public Health Department or a certificate signed by a physician. 


Proof of residency in Hawthorne must be presented to complete registration. Proof of residency documents must indicate the parent's name and street address. You must present a document from # 1 and any 2 others from the following list: 

1. House deed, mortgage or tax bill, or lease or, if residing without a lease, sworn affidavit (contact Principal’s office for forms ) by the landlord acknowledging the tenancy. 2. Driver’s license (NO POST OFFICE BOX) 

3. Pay stub with address or sworn statement by the employer acknowledging address. 4. Telephone, gas and electric, water or cable bill. 

5. Certificate of occupancy. 

6. Other valid legal evidence of residency as may be set forth in the school district’s administrative procedures. 

If you have any questions, please contact your nearest elementary school: 

Jefferson (973-423-6480) Roosevelt (973-423-6485) Washington (973-423-6495) 

Richard A. Spirito 

Superintendent of Schools