HAWTHORNE, NJ – In 2016, unemployment in Hawthorne reached a historic four-year low, according to the recently released New Jersey Data Book from the Rutgers Center for Government Services.

Compared to Passaic County as a whole, Hawthorne generally trended better, with 10.46% of Passaic County's workforce listed as unemployed in 2013 against Hawthorne’s 9.07% at the time.  In 2016, Passaic County's unemployment had fallen to 6.13% and Hawthorne’s was down to 4.71%.  With over half of Hawthorne’s former unemployment slashed, the borough residents have benefited from the overall decline in statewide unemployment.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, New Jersey unemployment statewide was 9.0% at the start of 2013, with 410,249 people out of work.  Since that time, each successive month from January, 2013, to December, 2016, demonstrated consistently declining unemployment, with the last month of 2016 recording an unemployment rate of 4.7%, an exact reflection of the borough of Hawthorne itself.

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