On Sunday, August 12, 2018, the Borough of Hawthorne Bandshell will present “Fight 4 Autism III.”  The night features a performance by an All-Star collection of local musicians who have come together to donate their time for a cause.  The performers are Hawthorne High School products and current students. Returning to the stage are vocalists Terry Maher, ’80, and Tammy Moore, ’87.  New additions are Jeff Morizzo, ’93 and Vera Gatto, Franklin School class of ‘80. Guitars and vocals come from George Tobjy, ’77 with additional guitars from Brendan Anthony, ’84, Jim Clegg, ’79, Mark Slootmaker, ’81 and Steve Sytsma, ’81.  Bob Lamb, ’81 and Rich Tanis, ’90 are featured on bass, John Warnet, ’89 and Rick Merchant, ’75, on drums and Pete Tanis, ’75 on keyboards and vocals. In addition to the graduates, the night will feature the searing guitar of Anthony Limone, ’19, and the phenomenal vocals of Bella Puluse, ’23 and Erin Foley, ’22.  A true highlight will be the performance of Anthony Puluse, ’22, who was diagnosed as being on the spectrum of Autistic Disorders at an early age. He has developed talents as a drummer, keyboard player and vocalist that leave seasoned performers in awe.

Last year a crowd of over 1,000 gathered to support this wonderful cause.  They were treated to a night of great classic rock for a meaningful purpose.  Fight 4 Autism was founded by Johanna Burke, who has dedicated herself to raising awareness and hope for families confronted with the challenges of Autism. “These performers take the stage out of love for music but most of all out of love for the families that face the challenges of Autism Spectrum Disorders on a daily basis.  This night promises to be a very special night that highlights what we in Hawthorne have long known - we always stand together for a challenge.”

The Borough Bandshell, located at the Municipal Pool Complex on Wagaraw Road, is in its third season.  All shows are presented free of charge thanks to generous support of its sponsors. The show starts at 7:00 p.m. with grounds opening at 6:00 p.m.  There will be food trucks including the Rolling Pita, Baker’s Authentic Grill and Danny’s Donuts. You can follow the event, including weather related news, on the Hawthorne Borough website or on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.