HAWTHORNE, NJ - Mayor Richard Goldberg said that he would be meeting with the Hawthorne Postmaster on Friday to discuss complaints he received about erratic delivery of mail to residents in the borough.

"I wrote to our postmaster and copied our congressman [Bill Pascrell], and senators [Bob Menendez and Cory Booker].  I was pleased to hear from Senator Menendez’s office and we’ve begun working on the problem.  I’ll be meeting with the Hawthorne Postmaster on Friday, and shortly thereafter I’ll be speaking with the senator’s office working to improve the postal services of the borough."

Council President Matthews wished the mayor luck in the endeavor.

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Goldberg said the postal service claims it has 26 routes to cover, but only 24 employees.  "I’m willing to talk with him and see.  This won’t improve counter service unless that happens in the conversation, this is really designed for those people who wait by their mailboxes for the mail.  Some people will go a day or two and not get mail because they don’t get around to doing a delivery and that’s really what I want to talk to the postmaster about.  I’m hearing stories about Amazon delivering pallets of boxes that they have to deliver for the postal service which stresses them even further, but I will report back to you after my meeting with the postmaster and the senator’s office.  But I am pleased that Senator Menendez responded to our letter and said ‘we’d like to help you if we can’."

Mayor Goldberg clarified that Senator Menendez’s office called, rather than sending a response letter through the mail. 

"They haven’t delivered mail by us for the last three Saturdays," Councilman John Lane said.  "And on Monday you get inundated with it."

"And that’s a problem," the mayor said, "frankly, you expect to get mail once a day.  I remember the days it used to come morning and afternoon, which wasn’t that long ago, maybe fifteen or twenty years ago.  Now we’re lucky if we get it once a day."

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