In 2017, Paladina Health opened their first New Jersey doctor’s office in Hamilton this past Summer and their second office in Clifton in October - bringing patient-focused healthcare to the Garden State.

With these NJ offices, Paladina Health now delivers care to many satisfied patients at more than 50 locations in 11 states – in very different ways from a typical primary care practice. 

Paladina Health came to NJ as part of the Direct Primary Care Medical Home (DPCMH) Program for the New Jersey State Health Benefits Program (SHBP) and School Employees’ Health Benefits Program (SEHBP).

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Direct Primary Care Medical Home Program gives access to personalized, patient-focused physician relationship for State employees & their families.

This innovative primary care approach will offer comprehensive, individualized healthcare to public employees and their families enrolled in the SHBP or SEHBP, through a Paladina Health family doctor who can devote the time needed to treat and care for patients via a more personal relationship.

Paladina Health delivers higher quality care while driving down healthcare costs in three powerful ways:

§  Redirecting care into the lower cost primary care setting

§  Actively managing patient referrals to ensure high quality and value

§  Proactively managing chronic disease and long-term conditions

Paladina Health doctors are dedicated, board-certified or board-eligible physicians usually with a minimum of eight to ten years of experience. Our doctors see approximately 70% fewer patients than a typical primary care doctor, so they can spend more time with patients.

Paladina Health’s new partnership aims to help families improve their health measures, while providing enhanced access to care for the entire family – including:

o   Primary Care

o   Preventive care

o   Urgent Care

o   Care coordination with specialists and hospitals. 

Patients Enjoy Access-To-Care – Differentiators:

o   Unhurried appointments, allowing more time with their physician at each visit.

o   No co-pays

o   Direct 24/7 phone access to doctors for urgent needs.

o   Online scheduling

o   Lab results

o   A broad scope of services meant to eliminate or minimize the need for costly specialist visits.


Most Paladina Health patients can receive up to 80-90% of their healthcare needs for their whole family in one place, including:

o   Patients can come to Paladina Health for appointments the same time along with a spouse or children.

o   Paladina Health doctors can see patients as young as 1-years of age

o    Primary, urgent, and preventive care 

o    Pediatrics, including well-child visits

o   Specialist physician care coordination

o    Health risk assessment and care planning

o   Proactive management of chronic conditions

o   Fitness and nutrition coaching

      Who is eligible?

o   Any employee – or family member – actively enrolled in either the SHBP or the SEHBP NJ DIRECT or OMNIA plan administered by Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey (Horizon BCBSNJ) is eligible to enroll with Paladina Health.

o   Patients will retain the same provider access and benefits through Horizon BCBSNJ, as offered in their current SHBP/SEHBP health plan, but simply also have a Paladina Health doctor for their primary care needs.

o   Participants must sign up for Paladina Health physician access, and there is no fee to those taking part.

o   Moreover, membership doesn’t restrict patients from visiting other doctors in their plan network.   



o   94% of Paladina Health patients are satisfied with the quality of care they received*

o   More than 75% of Paladina Health patients indicate their health has improved*

o   94% of Paladina Health patients are satisfied with their access to their doctor*

o   94% of Paladina Health patients are satisfied with level of trust with their physician*

o   94% of Paladina Health patients agree or strongly agree that their provider spent enough time with them*

o   On average, patients saved up to 68% in out-of-pocket primary care expenses last year by establishing care with a Paladina Health doctor


Wendell Steinhauer, New Jersey Education Association President:

“NJEA is proud to have introduced this opportunity to the SEHBP Plan Design Committee because we recognize the overall benefits that a Direct Primary Care Medical Home Model can bring to thousands of public school employees. Increasing quality care to members and their families as well as providing them with more information to make better quality healthcare decisions—while simultaneously reducing overall healthcare costs—is a win-win for all.”  


Hetty Rosenstein, CWA New Jersey State Director:

"Primary care is the key to good health.  New Jersey's costs are so high because of fee-for-service, for-profit care.  The unions on the Plan Design Committee wanted to make this high-quality healthcare available to our members with no co-pays. And a Hamilton office location makes such care extremely convenient for these hard-working men and women.” 


Donna M. Chiera, President, AFT New Jersey

“The direct care model is an innovative idea to get the practice of medicine back to a focus on stronger doctor-patient relationships. Members should explore the benefits and consider joining the program. We are glad to see efforts to provide more individualized and responsive programs to get members in to see their healthcare providers, get the care they need and cultivate healthy relationships with doctors.”


State Senate President Steve Sweeney:

“I want to congratulate Chris Miller and the entire team at Paladina Health on the opening of their new clinic in Hamilton and welcome them to New Jersey. Their model reflects the 'quality of service’ vision that’s behind the Patient Centered Healthcare initiative I created in the Senate. By focusing on patient outcomes instead of fee-for-service, we can keep people healthy and out of the doctor’s office.”


State Senator Linda Greenstein (14th District):

“I’m extremely excited to welcome Paladina Health, as they open their very first New Jersey doctor’s office right here in Hamilton. The Paladina Health model is one which saves time, saves money and gives piece of mind. At no out-of-pocket cost, families get the most out of essential medical services from an experienced physician who takes the time to get to know and care for the patient.”


Assemblyman Daniel Benson (14th District):

“Congratulations to Paladina Health on their opening of their Hamilton location.  Patient-centered care is the model in today's healthcare environment and I wish them well as they seek to serve our many public employees and their families and the wider community.  This continues to show the success of NJ's Direct Primary Care Medical Home Program and it's goal of lowering costs for patients and the state.”


Mark Blum, Executive Director of America’s Agenda:

"Paladina Health is a nationally recognized innovator and leader in providing high-value patient-centered care. Their entry as a provider in New Jersey’s Direct Primary Care Medical Home Program offers a very attractive, personalized, high-performance healthcare option to public employees and their families. The opening of Paladina Health’s first New Jersey office is a really significant step in the State’s transformation to delivering quality care and improved patient experiences at significantly lower costs.  As this offering expands to more locations, the State will reduce more and more wasteful and inefficient spending.  Everybody wins!"