Case: 18-19258

Date:  7/10/2018

Incident Title: Suspicious vehicle / possession of prescription drugs / syringe.

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Suspect information:

Samia Souza 27 y/o female Ridgefield NJ

Peter Khanjian 26 y/o male Hawthorne NJ

Vehicle information: Tan 2004 Cadillac

Description of incident: Officers dispatched to area of 766 Lafayette Ave for suspicious vehicle occupied by 2 people.  Above people outside the vehicle stated it was broken down.  While speaking with Ms. Souza, she was observed to have several track marks on arms.  She kept trying to go into her pockets while speaking with officers.  She then revealed an empty glassine envelope to officers.  She then stated that she also had syringes in her vehicle.  She was arrested and brought to HQ for processing for paraphernalia/syringes.  Peter Khanjian was released from scene.  Upon further investigation while at headquarters, it was discovered that there were steroids and Viagra in a bag that was in Ms. Souza’s possession.  Peter was brought back in and charged with Possession of Anabolic steroids and prescription drugs. 


Case: 18-19300

Date:  7/11/2018

Incident Title: Defiant trespass

Suspect information: Peter Vanderweit

Description of incident: While on stationary patrol in the lot across from 90 Goffle Road (7-Eleven) an officer viewed Peter Vanderweit walk into and out of the business at this location.  Vanderweit has been advised on numerous occasions by the employees of the business and police that he is not welcome inside of or on the property of the business.  Vanderweit was issued one non indictable summons for defiant trespass summons # SC 012134 pending Hawthorne Municipal court date of 7/19/2018 at 2:00PM.


Case:  18-19323

Date:  7/11/2018

Incident Title: Warrant arrest / hindering

Suspect information: Stephon Fair (passenger of vehicle) 29 y/o male from Paterson NJ

Vehicle information: White 1997 Lexus 300

Description of incident: Above vehicle pulled over on Wagaraw Road near Goffle for motor vehicle violations.  Officers obtained ID from driver and passenger.  Passenger stated his name was Stephon Poter, DOB 3/8/1988.  Officers had previously issued the passenger other tickets in the past and realized that he was not Stephon Poter, but was in fact Stephon Fair.  Stephon had a child support warrant from the Passaic County Sheriff.  He was charged with failure to wear seat belt, hindering apprehension, and later on picked up by PCSD on their warrant. 


Case: 18-19505

Date:  7/13/2018

Incident Title: Motor vehicle stop – false information

Suspect information: Kamar Cook

Vehicle information: Black 1999 Oldsmobile

Description of incident:  Stop on Lafayette Ave near Wagaraw for motor vehicle violations. During stop, the passenger was not wearing seat belt.  Passenger provided name of Jay Scott DOB 8/23/1980.  There was no information for that person in MDT.  The passenger then stated his real name was Kamar Cook.  Suspect thought he had a warrant, however, he did not.  Party was arrested for giving false information and given a seat belt ticket.


Case: 18-19510

Date:  7/13/2018

Incident Title: Motor vehicle stop – drug paraphernalia – loitering to commit CDS offense

Suspect information:

Anthony Destro – 20 y/o male Mahwah, NJ

Pamela Allen – 22 y/o female Mahwah NJ

Vehicle information: Green 2010 VW Jetta

Description of incident: Vehicle pulled over on Goffle Road near Warburton for motor vehicle violations.  While speaking with driver, the passenger was observed to have track marks on her arms.  The driver advised the officer that he was bringing the passenger to Paterson, as she paid him $20 to do so.  Passenger was spoken to outside the vehicle, and she kept reaching in pocket.  When asked what she had, she pulled out an empty glassine envelope.  Passenger was also found to have a $1,500 warrant from Hawthorne.  Mr. Destro advised officers that he had marijuana in his underwear.  Both were arrested.  Mr. Destro was processed for CDS and littering.  Ms. Allen was arrested for Loitering to commit, drug paraphernalia, possession of syringe (found while processing her).  Ms. Allen was brought to hospital as she said she swallowed CDS prior to processing.  She was committed to hospital and given new court date for our warrant.


Case: 18-19611

Date:  7/14/2018

Incident Title:  Motor vehicle stop, possession of heroin / syringe.

Suspect information: Marcus Velez 28 y/o male Liberty NY (passenger of vehicle)

Vehicle information:  White 2011 Honda Ridgeline

Description of incident:  Motor vehicle stop of car on Goffle near Warburton Ave for motor vehicle violations.  While speaking with driver, the passenger was nervous and had track marks on arms.  Officers then spoke to him outside of vehicle.  He was asked if he had anything illegal, to which, he stated he had heroin in backseat of the vehicle.  Officers then located 17 bricks of heroin (each brick contains 50 envelopes of heroin).  He was then arrested.  While at HQ, it was discovered that he had a syringe in his underwear.  He was then charged with:

1604-W-2018-000224 / 2C:35-5B(1) / Distribution of Heroin

1604-W-2018-000224 / 2C:35-10A(1) / Possession of Heroin

1604-W-2018-000224 / 2C:35-7.1A / Distribution within 500 ft. of Park

1604-W-2018-000224 / 2C:36-6A / Possession of Syringe