The Passaic County Parks & Recreation Department has been very active this summer, bringing cultural and social activities to county residents, including those in Hawthorne.  On June 28, a concert was held in Goffle Brook Park featuring the Dalton Gang band on a warm, sunny day.  On August 12, Goffle Brook Park was once again hosting a county event, a viewing of the 2016 movie “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.”  The NJ Audubon Society has teamed up with the Passaic County Parks & Recreation Department to bring about a series of Bird Watching Tours and Nature Hikes.  Goffle Brook’s was scheduled for Monday, September 9.

Most recently, the weekend of September 30-October 1 was a two-day program called “Art in the Park” where Passaic County artists and musical talent came to sell their creations, exhibit their talents, and entertain large crowds of curious visitors.  The weather was warm and clear on both days, which doubtless aided the sales of ice cream and drink vendors.  An enclosed area had also been set up as a beer garden for those over 21.