I write to you this night of December 30, 2019, to thank you for your support and votes during these past elections in our borough. I ran on the Republican Line in Ward 1. I want to thank my family, friends, the Goldberg Team and everyone who made calls, walked with me, attended functions and mostly voted for me. I lost but I won. I won because I was able to meet so many new residents in our wonderful community. I won because I was able to learn so much more about our little town and get involved in things I never thought I would do. I congratulate Joseph Wojtecki and wish him a successful term. To Frank Matthews and Rayna Laiosa, you got this. And to Garry Sinning, our angel who now coaches from above. Thank you for all your kind words of encouragement and your pointers. You were a very wise man and will be missed by all.

You may be asking why I am doing this almost 2 months after the election. The reason is New Years Eve and the start of the year 2020. On Wednesday January 1, 2020 our new and returning elected council people will take an oath to serve the roles and positions they have been elected to by you the people of Hawthorne. The election was 2 months ago, but in 2 days the work starts. Anyone who does not believe their vote counts was not following this election. Your council people are elected by you. Reach out to them. They are wonderful people who REALLY care about Hawthorne.

Attend Council meetings and support them. The job does not end when the council meetings end. They are truly dedicated people who observe, act, react, attend, and are there for you the residents of Hawthorne 365 days a year. They celebrate our good times and grieve in our losses.

Thank you Hawthorne for being The Best in Borough in Passaic County and I am proud to be a lifelong resident.