Back in June, soon after my primary win,  our Vice Chair shared with me her personal motto which then became the continual source of strength throughout my campaign. That motto, “be a voice not an echo”, is why I chose to run for Hawthorne Council, I wanted to be a voice.  I wanted to be the voice of the people of the Second Ward.

Along the campaign trail, I heard the people that I spoke to. I heard every complaint. I heard every issue. I heard that we needed change.  I heard that we needed new blood. I heard we needed a new voice.

Within time, my voice became your voice and we echoed throughout the ward.  The support I received from so many people grew stronger and louder. For that support, and that collective echo,  I am thankful.

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Sadly, our voices did not carry us that way we wished it did. However, our slim margin loss by nine votes does not mean we have been silenced, it only means we, all of us, made our voices heard. For that movement, I am grateful that we made a difference.

All of you gave me the strength, the wisdom and the courage to be the voice of the Second Ward and I will continue to do so, in one way or another.

I spoke with  Mayor Goldberg and extended my congratulations to his team as well as Councilwoman – Elect Laiosa.

Rest assured, our election made a difference. You made a difference.  Moving forward, let our voices continue to rise and echo throughout our town. We all can be a voice and not an echo.

I wish all of you a wonderful holiday season abundant with joy and blessings.