HALEDON, NJ - Mayor Domenick Stampone delivered a video address from his home to the borough on Wednesday.  The transcript of his address can be found below:

It's been a difficult week for all of us.  Here in Haledon we saw our first confirmed death of a resident as a result of COVID-19.  While I am here to report that there are 82 confirmed cases here in the borough, I want to stress that those numbers have a tendency to fluctuate and sometimes when we get the numbers during a certain part of the day we then see they change slightly later in the day.  That’s a result of people not changing their addresses, and in some cases we need to wait for confirmation so that we can report those numbers accurately. 

But whether it is 82 or 62, and I hate to say it but in a couple days we’ll probably see closer to 100, the numbers themselves aren’t what is important, what is important is that they represent real people and sadly it’s gotten to the point where many of us can say that we know someone who is dealing with this disease.  So they are real people, your neighbors, friends, and family.  So I ask that everyone keep that in mind.  We don’t want to make this some kind of roll-call of numbers, but I do know that people want to know what is going on.  We are trying our best to keep you current with that information.

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The testing at William Paterson University continues.  That location is staffed completely by volunteers.  They are not open 7 days a week, they try their best to be open as often as they can but there are days they are closed.  I would ask that you check the county website.  In addition, the people being tested at the county location need a prescription.  That’s why you are seeing about 55%-57% positive rate because the people going there are going with doctors’ prescriptions and verified symptoms.  The county has done a terrific job at the William Paterson location testing our first responders, giving them a fast-track to be tested so that they can continue the work they are doing.

At this time I’d like to thank the County of Passaic, the public health officials who have done an incredible job managing an extremely difficult situation and I’m not going to pretend that it may not get better before it gets worse, folks.  That’s just the reality.  You can imagine this as a wave, we have not hit that crest yet.  That being said, we do see that the growth rate is diminishing, meaning that while there are new cases every day they are not cases that are growing exponentially, doubling, or worse.  They’re starting to flatten out.  That’s where you come in, that’s where I come in.  I have been working from my home like many of you, we need to continue that.  It’s gotten extremely irritating, I understand, it’s gotten frustrating at times, but now is not the time to give up. 

I ask you to please stay at home, maintain proper hygiene, as we now see people heeding the CDC’s advice to wear protective gear, whether that is a dust mask, some kind of cloth mask or bandana, gloves.  Folks, please do not discard those items in a public place.  It makes no sense to do that, someone has to pick them up and that’s not right.  I do need your help, make sure you dispose of those materials where they belong, in the trash receptacles.  I ask that you give us a little more patience, I know you’ve all done a great job, especially the kids out there cooped up in their homes doing their school work.  It doesn’t exactly sound like a lot of fun to spend time at home doing work and having your outside time limited.  We’re all in that boat and I do thank everyone for being so cooperative.

Lastly, I would like you to tune in to the first remote council meeting here in Haledon.  That’ll be Thursday night at 7:00 p.m.  We are going to be participating remotely calling in on a conference line.  That number is available on the borough hall website, so if you’d like to participate, we’ll be conducting our business meeting remotely.  There will be no one present at the council chambers.  Thank you so much everyone, good luck, and stay safe.

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