HAWTHORNE, NJ - Saint Anthony School in Hawthorne announced their list of students and staff of the month.  Mrs. Virginia Gagnon was given the honor and works as a Junior High teacher at the Catholic school, which covers pre-school to 8th grade.

The program was begun by Sister Elfie Del Rosario, preschool teacher, this year to recognize excellence.
"This month, we are trying to live out the virtue of temperance," said principal Sister Colleen Clair, FMA.
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"As part of our pastoral theme that we use in our school to help us become 'Saints'," Sister Elfie said.  "I initiated two awards to help our school family to live out our pastoral theme throughout the year and strive to be saints each and every day. At the end of each month, we recognize a student from each grade (Pre-School-8th Grade) and a staff member, who exemplifies the virtue that we are striving to live that month."

The virtues were listed as: September-October - Obedience, November-December - Cheerfulness, January-February - Temperance, March-April - Devotion, and May-June - Purity.

"Each virtue comes with a bible verse and a scene from St. John Bosco's life," Sister Elfie added.  "St. John Bosco is the founder of the Salesian Priests and Brothers and Co-Founder of the Salesian Sisters. Each class has a poster of the 2 things mentioned above to remind us what we are striving for."

"Congratulations to our students and teacher of the month!" the school said.  The honorees are listed below with remarks from the school:

✦ Emelia Sabatino - Pre-School.  "Emilia is a great blessing to Pre School.  She lives out the virtue of temperance by being a model to her peers in doing the right thing at the right time not because the teacher is watching but because she loves God. She would gently look at her friend who is having trouble focusing during circle time and would try help them to listen to the teacher."
✦ Connor Jandoli - Pre-K.  "Connor is kind, helpful and cooperative. He is a good example to his classmates and always helps them to do the right thing."
✦ Eviana Duverge - Kindergarten.  "Eviana is a joy to have in kindergarten.  She is kind-hearted, patient, and selfless.  She is always willing to help a friend or teacher, and she does it with a smile."
✦ Camilla Morel - Grade 1.  "Camilla is a lighthearted, easy going child. It is not uncommon to see Camilla helping out a struggling classmate or sitting patiently waiting for her fellow classmates to settle down.  When she makes a mistake, she is the first to chuckle at herself and does not get upset."
✦ Sofia Englebrecht - Grade 2.  "Sofia is a sweet young lady. She is always ready to listen and learn."
✦ Madison Piccott - Grade 3.  "Madison is a hard working student who always tries her best.  She knows how to follow directions and listen carefully.  She is always on task when she needs to be and she asks great question to deepen class discussions."
✦ Camille Drebeque - Grade 4.  "Camille is a light-hearted happy-go-lucky kind of girl.  She is an incredible friend and classmate to those around her, but when it is time to work she knows how to buckle down and get things done.  She's the best of both worlds!"
✦ Anna Haddad - Grade 5.  "Anna is a very sweet and polite young lady.  She is a very diligent and always exhibits self control. She is the calm in every storm."
✦ Mateo Ligouri - Grade 6.  "Mateo is extremely well-versed in the art of temperance.  When it is time to work, he works hard with all his ability no matter the difficulty level.  He is respectful of those around him and makes sure to always be doing the right thing at the right time!"
✦ Jada Brown - Grade 7.  "Jada is a sweet, kind young lady. She is hard-working and always exhibits self-discipline."
✦ Naomi Chacon - Grade 8.  "Naomi has a quiet demeanor and generous spirit.  She is always ready to help others and volunteer her time."

The students of the month are selected by a vote of their classmates during the month, to see which had most exemplified the virtue associated with that month.  The religion teachers then tally up the votes and ultimately decide.  "We are not looking for 'perfect' kids," Sister Elfie said, "We are building up an atmosphere of holiness and love in our school."
Mrs. Virginia Gagnon, a teacher of language arts, and Ms. Chris Corrado, a teacher of social studies and science, were selected for "temperance".  Ms. Heather, cafeteria coordinator, and Mrs. Fran Lewis, teacher of religion and math, had been selected previously for "cheerfulness".


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