I am writing to encourage Hawthorne to “Vote Row A all the way”.   Specifically, I can speak of the Democratic candidate for Ward 2, Mr. Thomas Bushnauskas.  As a lifetime resident of Hawthorne, Mr. Bushnauskas knows firsthand about the community and truly cares about his fellow citizens.   His enthusiasm and tirelessness since winning the primary election has been remarkable. He has made a point to be at countless town events such as Hawthorne Day, Taste of Hawthorne, and Paws in the Park.  He’s taken the time to explain his position on the garbage collection contract, the Do Not Knock and Do Not Throw suggestions made to the council, as well as talk of his passion for taking care of our veterans.  He is open to suggestions and truly listens to your opinion. That’s not to say he always agrees, but is willing to consider the opposing view. Mr. Bushnauskas has nothing but good things to say about his lifetime home of Hawthorne. In fact, it is this love of Hawthorne that drives his desire to make it even better.  

We wholeheartedly endorse Thomas Bushnauskas and his Row A team.