My name is Rayna Laiosa and I am running to represent you as your Ward 2 Councilwoman.  I’m a lifelong resident of Hawthorne and married for 23 years to Edward Van Gunst. We have a 10 year old daughter, Kaitlyn, who attends Roosevelt School.  The Hawthorne School System provided a solid foundation for my B.S. in Environmental Science and an M.E. in Environmental Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology.  

I have been actively involved in Hawthorne and Passaic County organizations.  I have served as a Trustee of the Hawthorne Board of Education. Currently, Chair the Hawthorne Environmental Commission/Hawthorne Green Team. Since 2008, I have been an active member of the Passaic County Brownfield Commission, advocating for Hawthorne’s Brownfield sites.   I have the knowledge and the experience to get things done by working with the local and county government to resolve issues that will move Hawthorne forward.  

Through meet and greets with the townspeople of Ward 2, I’ve met many new people, as well as people that I have worked with on the Hawthorne Environmental Commission, Green Team, and the Hawthorne Board of Education.  I’ve listened to your concerns, and can assure you, that they are the basis of my core platform. I will be working hard on addressing specific issues, such as the speeding vehicles on our residential streets, shortcomings in our garbage and recycling services, ensuring fair equity for the residents and business with the new property tax assessment, and ensuring continued support and promotion of our local businesses. 

As your Ward 2 Councilwoman, I will continue to ensure that Hawthorne is financially and politically working for our residents.  Through strong partnerships with the local community, organizations, and the residents of Hawthorne, we will be able to move our great community forward together.