Primo Amore Bistro in Hawthorne, NJ has joined forces with The Decency Foundation to provide healthy meals for local Paterson organizations who have seen an increase in those in need of food. After serving over 800 meals to local hospitals through their GoFundMe donations for healthcare heroes during the height of the COVID-19 crisis, Primo Amore’s owners learned of the mission of The Decency Foundation and Working Meals. With Hawthorne’s proximity to Paterson and several staff of Primo Amore living in Paterson, Primo Amore owner, Linda Passaro, reached out to both Eva’s Village and Oasis to ask how she could help supplement the meals they provide for community members.

Working Meals is a fundraising campaign to supply those in need with nourishment and to help support local area restaurants and their staff during these difficult times of extreme business loss. By keeping restaurants in business, farmers and food suppliers are also benefitting. The nature of this symbiotic relationship builds a sustainable, community based-ecosystem supporting all constituents –the economy, employers and employees, farmers, and the community at large. The Decency Foundation began Working Meals with a keen understanding of our economy and the importance of restaurants –which serve as both part of our food supply and as a cultural hub to local communities.

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For our campaign, local donations to Working Meals must be designated to “Northern NJ.” Primo Amore and other participating restaurants will receive funds to create meals for their local community. 

Chef Director David Bein of Eva’s Village Community Kitchen has worked with Primo Amore ownership to create healthy and nutritious meal guidelines that also meet safety standards. All meals will include a balance of protein and fresh vegetables of the same quality Primo Amore serves it’s dine-in or take out guests. Bein said, “We have 150 residents that we feed in our Halfway Houses and Shelters plus 400-500 lunches for members of our community in need each day. We have definitely seen an increase in those seeking meals as the unemployment rate has soared. There are more people who will need to be fed long term as this economic impact will continue beyond the medical crisis.” 

At Oasis, a Haven for Women and Children, Signe Howard, Volunteer Coordinator and Supervisor of Food Operations confirmed, “We would interested in working with Primo Amore to receive meals from your restaurant as we prepare 550 hot meals per day and give out 1,000 meals in total. The need is certainly growing. It would be very appreciated to have more support in preparing nutritious meals for our community.” 

The Owners, the Passaro Family, have owned Primo Amore for over 3 years. Their company motto is #foodislove. They have raised their children through boy scouts and community service to understand the importance of sharing their blessings. “We are pivoting to help the local Paterson community despite our business hardship during the past 3 months of our NJ restaurant lock down. Our current outdoor dining space consists of 4 tables of 4 people socially distanced 6 feet apart. We have a talented team and a commercial kitchen operating at 15% capacity right now and our dining rooms are empty. Devoting our time and resources to those less fortunate is a priority for us, but we need support from patrons and local area families to succeed in providing meals to those whose hardships are far more serious.” 

To donate to Eva’s Village or Oasis and support local community member please visit and select “Northern New Jersey.”

About Working Meals

Working Meals is a fundraising campaign of The Decency Foundation to supply those in need with nourishment and energy during these uncertain times.  Our consortium of restaurants have joined together to help support their communities, their furloughed workers, and frontline healthcare workers - all of whom have been deeply affected by COVID-19.   Our restaurant owners are using the funds we raise to keep their businesses kept alive and operating, even as they help to sustain their displaced workers through these difficult times. Powered by The Decency Foundation, the WORKING MEALS campaign operates as a 501c3 and allows those restaurants to focus on what is important while we take care of the accounting, allocation and finances. Working Meals connects donations with restaurants who then provide support for both farmers and community organizations. THE DECENCY FOUNDATION is a values-based not-for-profit that focuses on incubating, supporting, and growing organizations committed to adding value to their community and being decent in their treatment of workers, animals, and the environment. Working Meals and The Decency Foundation are going to be sustained and ongoing - supporting businesses at the very heart of our communities - restaurants, farmers, and the local markets that feed us. 

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About Primo Amore Bistro: 

Primo Amore Bistro has been owned and operated successfully by the Passaro Family for over 3 years. Donations to local community organizations has been an important aspect to their business values. During COVID-19, the Passaro Family began to pivot their predominantly dine in and large event business to become more community food source focused. Son Luke raised donations to support local area hospitals with over 800 meal donations. Daughter Leeann has now connected the family to Working Meals to provide meals to local community members in need of nutritious meals. Primo Amore Bistro continues to innovate during difficult times for the restaurant industry and serve nutritious food with love. With faith, love and community, strength and survival will come. Primo Amore Bistro will open to outdoor dining on June 17th. Located at 235 Diamond Bridge Avenue, Hawthorne, NJ. Phone: 973-423-5992


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