HAWTHORNE, NJ – Mayor Goldberg delivered a follow-up report on the mail problem experienced by Hawthorne residents, as previously reported.  "If you remember in December we had some issues with the post office with residents getting their mail.  I had a meeting with the postmaster and supervisor in Hawthorne about two weeks ago."

Goldberg said that during their meeting, the postal authorities explained they had a "high volume of packages from Amazon" and they decided to prioritize the delivery of parcels over regular mail.

"Fortunately," Goldberg said, "now the holidays are over, and while they still get a high volume of packages, they seem to be able to deliver both.  But I told him that I wanted quarterly meetings with him and the supervisor, which he agreed to.  I told him I was forming a Post Office Committee to delve into some of the complaints and problems." 

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The Committee is made up of Mayor Goldberg, Councilman Michael Sciarra, Linda Missionellie, Tiffany Della Croce, and Lori Fylstra.

"The Post Office Committee is designed to be another avenue for getting feedback for our post office," Goldberg told TAPinto Hawthorne.  "If people want to offer complaints or advice to the committee, they need specific dates and times of the issues, and not anecdotal evidence."

The Post Office Committee has already met and will have another meeting prior to the next appointment with the postmaster, the mayor said Wednesday.  "At least they understand that we’re keeping an eye on them," Goldberg said.  "I want to thank Senators Menendez's and Booker’s offices as well as Congressman Pascrell’s office for following up with us to make sure we were satisfied with how we were treated by the post office."

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