HAWTHORNE, NJ - Michael Sciarra, interim councilman for Ward 3, was appointed as an Alternate Member of the Library Board of Trustees by Mayor Richard S. Goldberg at the borough council meeting. 

"My alternate for the library board of trustees was Garry Sinning," Mayor Goldberg said.  "Garry used to be the liaison for the council so I thought it was a way to get Garry more involved.  Mike [Sciarra] has taken over the library liaison job, so I have an appointment of the Mayor of an Alternate Member to the Library Board of Trustees of the Borough of Hawthorne.  By the virtue, power, and authority vested in me as mayor of the Borough of Hawthorne, I hereby appoint Michael Sciarra as an Alternate Member of the Library Board of Trustees to fill an unexpired term until December 31, where his successor shall be appointed and qualified."

Goldberg then made a clarification.  "Actually, he serves the length of my term because he is my alternate.  Mr. Spirito as the superintendent gets an alternate, and I get an alternate.  We're the only two to have alternates on the library board, because we're on the library board by ordinance and state law."

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With the unanimous consent of the council, Councilman Sciarra was duly sworn in by the mayor.

Sciarra joins the Board with Dr. Richard Spirito who serves as Library Board of Trustees President, Mr. Richard Spirito who is the Superintendent of Schools, Mayor Richard Goldberg, Monica Smith who is the Library Director, Lori Garrison, Diana Connolly, P. Jean Mele, Joseph Metzler, Evan Toth, and Darryl Siss.

The state law which defines the process can be found here.

40:54-9. Trustees; number, appointment and term; alternates

Immediately upon the establishment by any municipality of a free public library under this article, a board of trustees shall be formed to consist of from seven to nine members, one of whom shall be the mayor or other chief executive officer of the municipality, one of the local superintendents of schools, or in the event that there be no such official, the principal with power of supervision over the local school system, or in case such municipality shall have none of the school officials hereinbefore mentioned, then the president of the board of education, and from five to seven citizens to be appointed by the mayor or chief executive, at least four of who shall be residents of the municipality. The appointments shall be for terms of one, two, three, four and five years, respectively, as they may be selected by the mayor or other chief executive officer, and, except in cities, shall be made with the consent of the governing body. Whenever a board is expanded to include a sixth or seventh citizen, the additional members shall serve terms of five years.The mayor or other chief executive officer and the superintendent of schools or the principal, as the case may be, serving as a member of the board, may, respectively, appoint an alternate to act in his place and stead with authority to attend all meetings of the board and, in his absence, to vote on all questions before the board. Amended by L.1952, c. 240, p. 806, s. 1, eff. July 1, 1952; L.1970, c. 143,s. 1, eff. July 17, 1970; L.1984, c. 130, s. 1, eff. Aug. 23, 1984.

40:54-10. Vacancies; how filled

Upon the expiration of the term of office of any trustee the mayor or other chief executive officer of the municipality shall appoint a citizen for a term of five years in the same manner as the original appointment was made. Vacancies occurring in the board of trustees shall be filled for the unexpired term only, in the same manner as the original appointments are made.

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