SOMERVILLE, NJ - Former state Assemblywoman Donna Simon and running mate Mark Caligure, a Somerset County Freeholder have joined Minority Leader Jon Bramnick and Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi (R-39) to demand legislative action to block the outrageous affordable housing mandates from Trenton being passed on to suburban towns. 

“Andrew Zwicker and Trenton Democrats are trying to push through housing mandates from Trenton that will require suburban communities to build thousands of apartment and condos they don’t want, nor afford,” said Mark Caliguire, candidate for Assembly in the 16th District.  “This is awful policy and needs to be stopped.”

Simon and Caliguire are the Republican candidates for the state Assembly in the 16th District, which includes several towns in central New Jersey, including Somerville and Hillsborough.

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If the current plan goes into effect, the fourteen municipalities in the 16th Legislative District will be required to build 15,000 low-to-moderate income housing units, and as many as 60,000 additional market rate units, according to the candidates.

Simon and Caligure call that mandate “outrageous.”

“Forcing local towns to accommodate up to 75,000 new homes is unsustainable and unnecessary,” said Caliguire.  “It will damage the environment and pave over open space, doing severe damage to the quality of life for current and future residents.”

“Politicians like Andrew Zwicker would rather force towns to spend millions of tax dollars defending law suits and burden hard working people with higher property taxes, overcrowded schools and a terrible strain on local services like police and fire” said Simon. “More people are leaving New Jersey than any other state, yet Andrew Zwicker and Trenton Democrats want to mandate we build tens of thousands of so-called affordable housing units.  Does that make any sense?”