Bionical US employees and their children enjoyed “Take Your Kids to Work Day” in our Hillsborough, NJ Headquarters. This was a first for Bionical and a huge success allowing our children to have an inside look into their parents’ daily jobs. “Take Your Kids to Work Day" provided a great opportunity for the children of our employees to gain a deeper understanding of the role their parents play in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, and the company's mission in Improving Patient Outcomes.

It was a fun-filled day where books and classrooms were swapped out for markers and planting. We had some fun with creative coloring on our glass walls and nurturing the environment by planting marigolds. We even had a Bionical Scavenger Hunt!

Our employees/parents had the chance to hear the children’s thoughts on how they can contribute to making the world a better place. The consensus from the kids was ‘to be nice to people’ and ‘listening to each other’. The kids also shared what they thought their parents did for a living: from their view it involves a lot of phone calls and meetings!

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On recognizing this hallmark occasion, Wendy Wolf, President Bionical Commercial Services notes, “Bionical’s mission of improving patient outcomes extends beyond working alongside our clients. It means ensuring our employees and their families are focused on their own well-being, and what better way to make that a priority then to invite our kids inside our Bionical family.”

About Bionical

Bionical provides high quality solutions to pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and public health companies in the global healthcare industry.

With a mission to improve health outcomes, the services offered at Bionical accelerate product and treatment development and enhance communication and engagement with healthcare professionals and patients. Bionical’s services span the product lifecycle and include comparator supply for clinical trials, contract research support, clinical educator services, field sales teams, call center support, recruitment, digital and educational platforms.





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