SOMERVILLE, NJ - Democrat candidate Peter Jacob has launched a new “Facebanking” initiative to sign up voters for his 7th District Congressional campaign.

Facebanking is a process similar to phone-banking, but instead of making phone calls supporters can contact their friends on Facebook.

Facebanking is one of several new campaign tools which have been developed during this election cycle. It allows for people who otherwise may not be able to volunteer or donate to take an active role in the campaign from home. A general message is given to supporters by the campaign and then the supporters are able to fill in details of friends and family members as needed.

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Jacob is set to face off against Leonard Lance on Nov. 8th in the race for the 7th district Congressional seat. Lance, R-7th, is seeking his fifth term in the House of Representatives.

nly are volunteers able to reach new potential voters, but the personal connection the canvasser has with the voter is an invaluable tool to the campaign.

" Rather than a stranger calling you to talk to you about Peter Jacob, your friend is going to be the one reaching out." he added."The best part of this, is volunteers can Facebook message their friends at any time of the day without having to worry about waking them up or interrupting their dinner. Social media has proven to have profound effects on this election, and we are happy to say that we are ahead of the curve with this tool. This is just a small example of how Peter Jacob will bring about fresh ideas and change in Washington. He truly understands what the average person wants, and how to represent them; he is not stuck in the old way of doing things.”

 "I have always firmly believed that we need to find new solutions to 21st century problems, not just continue rehashing old strategies and tactics," Jacob added. "We believe that Facebanking is a tool with amazing potential in today’s political climate, and it allows us to utilize technology in a way which will let us get our message out to as many people as possible.”

To participate in Peter Jacob Facebanking, volunteers simply visit: and follow the instructions.