Dear Editor,

I have been a resident in Hillsborough for approximately 30 years. During this time, our town and the
surrounding area have changed significantly from a region of farmland to burgeoning suburban sprawl.
Both growth and development are inevitable; how we plan for it and steer it are the keys to long term
success as a community.

Mayor DelCore has been on the Hillsborough planning board since 2006, has been on the township
committee since 2008 and has been Mayor, not once, not twice, but five times. During this long tenure
the township committee has failed to adequately plan to meet our mandated housing requirements.
This has left Hillsborough scrambling to catch up, as we are the ONLY town in our tri-county region to
fail in our requirements. As a result, we have been sued multiple times by developers which has cost us
millions in legal awards and legal defense fees. Local developers have long had free reign to build what
they want, where they want and when they want.

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Under Mayor Delcore’s leadership, Hillsborough has rushed to approve over 2,400 new housing units in
the last few years alone with thousands more currently under discussion. I blame Mayor Delcore and
the entire Republican-controlled township committee for poor planning, poor execution, and a total lack
of transparency to the members of the community. All this development with no apparent foresight will
forever impact the fabric of our community.

Hillsborough needs change. We need transparency with the issues being openly discussed, and we need
new leadership who will embrace these principles.

That is why I support Jeffrey Wright for Township Committee. His knowledge of local issues is beyond
reproach. He is a career financial planner, has successful prior experience with zoning, open space,
senior citizen housing, and values the long term foresight necessary to ensure the success of our
neighborhoods long into the future. Jeff Wright will bring open debate and transparency to the
multitude of issues facing our community.

Vote for change. Vote for Jeffrey Wright.