HILLSBOROUGH, NJ - Former school board member Dr. Lorraine Soisson has been elected to fill a seat left vacant by former board member Steven Cohen who resigned at the board's June 19 meeting.

Her term will expire Jan. 7,2018.

Soisson was elected by current Board of Education members at the board's July meeting. Soisson was a board member from 2012-2015.

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Prior to becoming a Board of Education member, she volunteered with Hillsborough schools as a member and president of several of the Home and School associations.

Ten residents had applied to the Board of Education to complete the expiring term. All applicants attended the July 17 meeting at Auten Road Intermediate School to address the community and current Board members during a public session.

After deliberation, the board brought three candidates forward for consideration with Soisson being the first candidate to receive the five votes from the Board needed to be elected to fill the vacant Board position.

“I look forward to working with Dr. Soisson once again,” said Dr. Jorden Schiff, superintendent of Schools. “Her volunteer service as a former Board member, as well as her many years of service as a Home and School Association leader has prepared her well to support the important efforts to best educate the children who attend Hillsborough Public Schools,”he added.