HILLSBOROUGH, NJ  - The township adopted its 2016 municipal budget at its meeting Tuesday night, which for the sixth year in a row, came in slightly below the two percent “cap” limit mandated by state law.

The $28,941,970 municipal budget reflects no increase in the municipal tax rate; residents’ total tax bills also include Somerset County taxes and local school taxes.

Overall, the municipal budget reflects a savings of $284,311, according to Mayor Frank DelCore.

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“The task of balancing a municipal budget, while remaining under the two percent cap is never an easy task; however, by our continued business-like approach to government and managing taxpayer dollars in a fiscally prudent way, we are able to achieve a balanced budget,” DelCore said.

The task was made even more difficult because the township did not receive any state aid, according to the mayor.

The 2016 budget reflects a decrease in spending for snow removal; the township also saved $73,000 in police salaries resulting from the attrition of senior officers.

Mandated pension contributions increased along with salary and wages for other township employees. There was also an increase of $100,000 into the Capital Improvement Fund to be used in future years as part of the township’s Pay as You Go program for routine capital purchases.

Non-tax revenue for 2016 also increased as a result of license and application fee increases, coupled with increased Uniform Commercial Code fees, application fees and interest on delinquent taxes.

Additional revenue was generated through the inter-local shared services addition of the Manville Municipal Court.

The township also experienced an increase in the total ratable value to $106 million, which expands the tax base over which the tax rate is calculated.

“This increase in ratable values helps to hold the municipal property tax flat for 2016, by providing more dollars over which the tax levy can be dispersed,” said Nancy Costa, chief financial officer.