HILLSBOROUGH, NJ – Artist Doreen Lorenzetti’s deft touch, combined with a lifelong familiarity of the town she lives in, plus long hours of reaching out to the business community has produced a highly-stylized map of the township that celebrates the 20th anniversary of the original business map she created in 1996.

Many of the same businesses that advertised on the original map bought in again, according to the township resident.

The map is a kaleidoscope of bright colors, graphics, signs, logos, buildings, churches, cars, trucks, adults and kids, pets, farm animals, wildlife, trees and roadways, all squeezed into a piece of art that measures 24-by-36 inches.

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She used pen and ink and commercial color markers to create the map, which features 100 businesses. Her original artwork was digitized by Jim Rosella of Exact Studios and printed by East Coast Media. She credits both township businesses with keeping the images sharp and the colors true.

“It is right on point,” she said. “That’s important, to keep the color original. Without them, the finished product wouldn’t look as good,” she said.

It was also important to the artist that she keep the business in town.

“I wanted to use our businesses, to do all the work here,” she said.

The map was unveiled at last night’s township committee meeting; the council chambers were crowded with many of the business owners who each paid $250 to be featured on the map.

Mayor Frank DelCore said the map reminded him of art seen in newspaper comic strips, while others described the map as “cartoonish.”

The artist’s whimsical take on the township’s commerce and quality of life was a big hit; the artist handed out about 50 rolled-up tubes as gifts to township officials and the businesses that supported the effort.

“I was real happy with turnout tonight; the business community, everybody was just so supportive of this project,” she said.

It was Township Administrator Anthony Ferrera who reached out to the artist with the idea of revisiting the map; Lorenzetti didn’t hesitate.

The original 1996 map hangs in his office in the municipal building.

The 2016 map reflects the evolving transformation of the township, according to the artist.

“When I was growing up in Hillsborough it was very rural; there were a lot of farms,” she said. “I can remember when there were dirt roads. Business has built up so much but in this map what I tried to capture was some of the old Hillsborough. There are still quite a few farms; it was important to incorporate the past with the present,” she added.

Lorenzetti works as an art therapist with teens at the Carrier Clinic in Montgomery.

She is also a book illustrator, portrait artist, jewelry designer, sculptor, illustrator, textile designer and has murals hanging throughout the tri-state area.

The map is being sold for $12. Copies are available by contacting Doreen Lorenzetti Studios by e-mail, lorenzettistudios@yahoo.com or by calling (908) 229-2186.