TRENTON, NJ – Assemblyman Jack M. Ciattarelli (R-16th) has introduced legislation that would lead to more varsity letters at New Jersey high schools.

The bill mandates school districts with high school grades to establish criteria for awarding varsity letters for participating in all extracurricular activities that include competitions with students from other schools.

“There is a long tradition of high schools awarding athletes with varsity letters. At many schools, marching band and jazz band members also earn letters. Why stop there?” Ciattarelli said.

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“There are other competitive activities that require the same level of commitment, dedication, teamwork, and school pride. Because varsity letters symbolize sacrifice and accomplishment, they should not be limited to mostly athletes in traditional sports,” the Hillsborough resident added.

Under Ciattarelli’s bill, students will be eligible to earn varsity letters for participating in, for example, robotics, debate teams, chess clubs, and any other school sanctioned activity that competes with other high schools.

“Awarding a varsity letter to everyone who distinguishes themselves and their high school in interscholastic competitions is only fair and right,” said Ciattarelli.