HILLSBOROUGH, NJ -Business Advocate David Kois had the opportunity to sit down with Brian Riberio, the featured speaker at the upcoming Hillsborough Business Association Networking Event and Business Social.

The workshop titled "How to Market Your Business" will be held on Tuesday, July 31 at 6 p.m. at the Highlander Pavilion at Royce Brook Golf Club.

Royce Brook is located at 201 Hamilton Road.

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Their discussion they focused on what unique qualities Riberio has, his outlook as a marketing professional and his end game value proposition for the attendees of the upcoming event.

Riberio is founder and president of Mspire Group.  Mspire Group is a full service marketing communications agency located in Hillsborough. He has extensive experience developing strategic marketing and communications plans, evolving brands, and launching high impact advertising, digital marketing, and public relations campaigns.

Below is the Q&A:

David:  What does being from Hillsborough iean to you?

Brian:  Being from Hillsborough means being from a vibrant community with fantastic friends and neighbors. I've always appreciated the small town feel, wonderful local businesses and proximity to just about everything you would need.

David:  What was it like growing up in Hillsborough?

Brian:  In many ways, growing up in Hillsborough felt like growing up in one of those safe, idyllic towns you only see in the movies. The people were extremely friendly, the recreational activities were plentiful and the schools were exceptional with passionate educators who constantly encouraged me to succeed. More importantly, I was able to forge long-lasting friendships. In fact, my closest friends today are the ones I met while in school.

David:  Why did you choose Hillsborough to locate your business?

Brian:  I knew that I wanted to stay in the tri-state area as my professional network is strongest in this region. I selected Hillsborough as the location for my business because the town offers the perfect feel for visiting clients, with easy access to New York, Philadelphia and surrounding airports.

David:  Living and having your business based in Hillsborough, what are some of the unique perspectives you can share with the business community?

Brian:  I believe that it is important to truly immerse yourself in the community - the more you put in, the more you get out. So, go to community events, speak with your friends and neighbors, leverage resources, and just get involved. You will find that Hillsborough residents and businesses truly want to help each other.

David:  What are you looking forward to about being the featured speaker in your hometown?

Brian:  Hillsborough is very important to me. So, I'm honored to have this opportunity to speak to my fellow business owners about ways in which they can use marketing to become more successful.

David:  What are you looking forward to sharing with the business community and that will benefit their business?

Brian:  There are many ways to leverage both traditional and new marketing channels to increase sales. I'm looking forward to sharing these with the attendees and offering best practices that they can easily use. I've helped businesses, large and small, to grow and prosper - so, I will be sharing these tips.

David:  Who are some of the high profile companies you have worked with that people would be familiar with?

Brian:  From global brands to local organizations, I have worked with a variety of companies that may be familiar to attendees, including Colgate-Palmolive, Trane Air Conditioning, American Standard, Ingersoll Rand, KONE Elevators, Juniper Network, National Grid, Fuji Electric, and Affinity Federal Credit Union.

David:  You have two degrees, a B.S. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and an M.B.A from Rutgers University, what led you to get into marketing and what do you like most about your career choice?

Brian:  I've always enjoyed both engineering and marketing, so I decided to pursue both in college with the ultimate goal of becoming a marketer.  I am able to leverage my engineering degree to overcome challenges in a systematic way. I love working with a variety of clients to help them reach their goals through marketing. There is nothing more rewarding than being a part of a success story.

To learn more about Brian's success story and how his ideas can help your business forge ahead into the future, attend the HBA Networking Event on July 31st. Register today by visiting the HBA website at http://www.hillsborough-nj.org/hba/. The fee for the workshop is $20.50 per person. Registration is required and is available atwww.hillsboroughbusiness.org. There will be no registration available at the door.

For additional information on this and additional activities and programs, call 908-369-4313, Ext 7106 or visit www.hillsboroughbusiness.org.