To The Editor,

I have been a resident of Hillsborough since 1981 and in those almost 40 years there have been many changes.  The challenges facing Hillsborough today are different than those we faced 40 years ago.  Today we are struggling with affordability, traffic, overdevelopment and rising taxes.

For over a decade, the township committee has been dominated by a single party, with one set of ideas and goals.  This has resulted in a lack of transparency and accountability that hurts every resident.  One example – although the township committee praises itself for a stable tax rate, we don’t pay the rate – we pay the bill.  In the 27 years I have been in my home, my taxes have gone up over 300 percent.

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What we need are fresh ideas and new ways of thinking.  That’s why I am supporting Jeff Wright for township committee.  Jeff has the experience and integrity to work on the issues Hillsborough is facing now and in the future.  His vision for Hillsborough is a town where senior citizens and young adults don’t have to move away to find an affordable place to live.  A town that has thriving small businesses instead of vacant storefronts.

Jeff has the financial experience that will ensure our tax dollars are spent wisely and the honesty to make sure decisions are made in the open, not in backroom votes.

Make Hillsborough an even better place to live by voting for Jeff Wright on Nov.5th.