To the Editor: 

With the upcoming elections fast approaching, I write in support of two outstanding public servants who have repeatedly demonstrated in the last several years a rare blend of ability, desire and skills to lead our community that is truly unique.

Gloria McCauley has been part of the Township committee for nine years. As a real estate broker and realtor, she is very familiar of the “lay of the land” (pun intended) in Hillsborough. In addition to being the liaison for a number of functional areas and organizations, she has served on the Somerset County Planning Board and was chosen as outstanding woman in Somerset County for her public service.

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As a lifelong resident of Hillsborough, Doug Tomson knows the history of the city and is aware of its plans for the future. In addition to serving as liaison to various organizations, he has also worked on both the Planning Board and Capital Planning Committee.

Their track records speak for themselves. Both Gloria and Doug have worked hard to make Hillsborough recognized as one of the safest and best towns not only in the state of New Jersey but in all America. We know they will continue to serve the Township with the same passion they exhibit in all of their endeavors.

I want to encourage every voter in the town of Hillsborough to cast their vote to re-elect Gloria and Doug to the township committee.

Yours Sincerely,

Surajit Deb
Hillsborough NJ 08844