WASHINGTON --- New Jersey Rep. Leonard Lance (R-7th) Wednesday night supported H.R. 5859, the Community Counterterrorism Preparedness Act, which passed the U.S. House on the heels of three acts of terror that struck the United States over the weekend.

“We saw great bravery in New Jersey this week.  Police, fire and other emergency response professionals need more tools to keep our neighborhoods safe and to detect and stop suspicious activity and apprehend potential terrorists before they strike.  And in the event of a plot that goes undetected, first responders need the best equipment to act quickly and save lives,” Lance said after passage.

H.R. 5859, the Community Counterterrorism Preparedness Act is bipartisan legislation provides greater resources for America’s front line defenders, including authorizing $40 million in additional funds to emergency response providers in major metropolitan areas for training and exercises to prevent, prepare for and respond to the most likely terrorist attack scenarios.