NORTH PLAINFIELD, NJ – Fire and police personnel needed to react quickly in yesterday’s deadly blaze at the Regency Village Apartment fire.

The deadly fire which killed two, and displaced more than a dozen people, almost claimed a third victim.

“The building was in flames when Jordan Rogers and other officers went in and saw a 92 year-old man at the top of the stairs collapse,” said North Plainfield Police Chief William Parenti. “Jordan who is a local kid, and a North Plainfield police officer for less than five months, scooped him up and brought him to safety.”

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The elderly man is said to have just minor injuries. Rogers’ quick action saved the man’s life in a deadly fire that claimed the lives of an elderly man and woman, according to the chief.

“Everyone’s response was just phenomenal,” said Parenti. “For the fire department to fight that blaze with this type of heat. Fighting a fire is tough to begin with, but to do it in this type of heat and adversity is just amazing.”

According to North Plainfield Fire Chief William F. Eaton, six firefighters were treated at the scene for high heat related conditions. Units from throughout central New Jersey assisted North Plainfield in fighting the midday fire.

The Somerset County Prosecutor’s Office is leading the fire investigation.