Hello Friends, 

The past few weeks have been so busy and so full of important news that we can barely keep up! 

Our latest round of internal poling is in, and the results are even better than expected!

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We are only behind Lance by 4%, and the large number of undecided voters means this election is still ours to win. This is why we need you! We need to reach these undecided voters with our policies to fight government corruption, repair our infrastructure, and promote clean energy development. Our campaign runs on people power! Volunteer to phone bank, canvass, or Facebank, and help spread our message! 

We also have some amazing events planned before election day. Come out and show that you support Peter Jacob and his promise to put people over politics! 

People Over Politics Tour! October 23, 9 a.m. - Join us as we launch our People Over Politics Tour of the 7th District. We will start off the day decorating the bus with banners and signs. Please bring non-perishable foods that we can donate to a local food pantry at the end of the bus tour! We will be making stops and holding rallies in Somerville, Clark, Union, Dover, Lambertville, and Flemington. Check out our bus schedule to find the stop nearest you! 

Peter and Lance Will Debate Oct. 27, 8 a.m. - The people of the district will finally hear from each candidate on the topics that matter most! Have breakfast, meet our amazing campaign, and hear Peter and Leonard discuss the economic issues directly impacting our district and our nation. You can purchase tickets through our campaign at a discount, or at the door for $30.
Peter is also participating in the WRNJ Congressional Forum. Tune in on Nov. 1st at 11:00 AM and hear Peter present his plans to get corporate money out of government and return Congress to the people! 

We also have three different Town Hall discussions coming up. We will be in Bedminster on Oct. 20th; Hillsborough on Oct. 25th; and Long Hill on Oct. 27th. 

Our campaign continues to gain momentum, and the media has taken notice! NJToday.net highlighted our amazingly qualified staff additions, including former Bernie Sanders' GOTV Director.

Just this week, we received the endorsement of former Ohio State Senator Nina Turner, and she will be lending her powerful, progressive voice to our campaign to help with our voter outreach in the coming weeks. 

Our campaign is growing stronger by the day, but we will need even more power before the election is over! Although we outraised Lance in individual contributions by nearly 3 to 1, Lance continues to take in hundreds of thousands from special interests and super PACs. Anything that you can donate now will help propel us across the finish line, and ensure that we have the money we need to take Leonard Lance on, head to head.