HILLSBOROUGH, NJ - The XI annual Hillsborough Rotary Fair closed down late Sunday afternoon after a successful six-day run, having entertained thousands of visitors despite the constant threat of rain, thunder and lightning.

For the most part, the adverse weather skirted the fairgrounds off Route 206, with a constant stream of visitors passing through the main entrance eager to buy their tickets and wait on line for the 21 rides and games of chance.

Behind the scenes, members of the Hillsborough Rotary worked non-stop to ensure the success of the fair - icing down water, directing traffic, selling tickets, staffing the games, replenishing supplies, picking up litter and other chores, all the while exchanging greetings with those who came to enjoy some old-fashioned fun.

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The fair is the primary fund-raising event for the service club, which supports several charities, non-profits and schools in the township. All monies raised by Rotary is returned to the community.

Tapinto photos by Rod Hirsch