HILLSBOROUGH, NJ - The public is invited to participate in Tuesday night's Township Committee meeting but you can't be there.

The meetingis closed to the public because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, but residents are urged to participate from the comfort of their homes by dialing a phone number that will connect them to a link which will broadcast the proceedings live.

"We are all operating under unique circumstances attributable to the COVID-19 virus," said Mayor Doug Tomson.A larger-than-normal crowd had been expected at the meeting for a discussion of an ordinance that would affect the development of the former Glen-Gery quarry and brick works factory on Hamilton Road.

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Instead, the meeting will be live streamed on the Township’s YouTube channel and a conference call has been set up to allow the public to participate via telephone. 

Viewing/Listening Methods:
YouTube Livestream:
Dial-in Time: Mar 24, 2020 07:30 PM
Dial in: 602-333-2017 or  888-204-5987
Enter Meeting Code: 2604706
Public Comment Methods:
Livestream viewers can type questions, along with their name and address for the record, in the chat box to the right of the video.

Dial-in participants, callers will initially be muted and should listen for instructions when it is their turn during the public comment period and comment period for public hearings for ordinances.
Tomson said it is likely the ordinance will be tabled and scheduled for discussion and a possible vote at the April 28 meeting of the Township Committee.
"I intend to ask my fellow committee members to delay a final vote on the Ordinance and continue the public hearing to the April 28, 2020 Township Committee meeting to provide residents additional opportunity to comment on this Ordinance," Tomson said. "Those residents may also participate and comment remotely at the March 24, 2020 meeting."
The proposed ordinance would rezone a potion of the former 350-acre quarry and brick works factory on Hamilton Road from mining to residential and permit construction of 380 single family homes. The potential developer is M&M Realty Partners LLC of Piscataway, according to Tomson. The developer would also be obligated for 88 affordable housing units.
M&M Realty Partners is one of several companies owned by prominent developer Jack Morris, who is part-owner of the Hard Rock Casino in  Atlantic City. He is the owner and principal of Edgemere Properties, builder of the Edge luxury apartments on Main Street Somerville, as well as other properties in New Jersey, Florida and other states.
Morris is also chairman of the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Board of Trustees and RWJBarnabas Health Board of Trustees.
Following is the text of the ordinance with the proposed changes:

 An Ordinance of the Township of Hillsborough, Somerset County, New Jersey, Amending Chapter 188 “Land Use and Development”, Article V “Districts and Standards”, Section 188-98,  RA, RS, R, R1, R2, CR, AH, RCA, PD, Residential Districts, by Adding R8A Zone to Apply to  Block 182, Lots 9, 11.01, and 46.01; and Block 183, Lot 38.02.
 Chapter 188. Land Use and Development
Article V. Districts and Standards
Amendments to §188-98. RA, RS, R, R1, R2, CR, AH, RCA, and PD Residential Districts.
New language is underlined thus.
Deletions are indicated with brackets and strikethroughs .
Section 1. Purpose.
The purpose of this amendment is to rezone the former Glen Gery quarry from M – Mining and CDZ – Corporate Development Zone, to R8A – Residential 8A. The R8A zone shall apply to the following tax parcels: Block 182, Lots 9, 11.01, and 46.01; and Block 183, Lot 38.02. The Hillsborough Township Zoning Map shall be amended accordingly.
Section 2. Amendments to §188-98.
2.1. Amend the title of §188-98 by adding the R8A District as follows:
§188-98. RA, RS, R, R1, R2, CR, AH, RCA,  PD, and R8A Residential Districts.
2.2. Amend Subsection 188-98.A. to add “R8A” to the first sentence as follows:
1. Purpose. The purpose of the RA, RS, R, R1, R2, CR, AH, RCA,  PD, and R8A Residential Districts is to establish a distribution of population density throughout the Township in relation to existing and prospective facilities, a convenient street system, employment areas
and reasonable predictability of population growth.
The remainder of Subsection 188-98.A. remains unchanged.
2.3. Amend the Schedule for Residential Zones, §188 Attachment 2, to add the R8A District to the list
of zones with the following standards:
 Unit Type: DSF.  Minimum Lot Size: 8,000 square feet.  Units per Acre: Insert footnote #32 to read as follows – “The maximum number of residential units in the R8A Zone shall be 380. See §188-98.I. ”  Front Yard: 20 feet.  Side Yard Setback: 15 feet.  Rear Yard: 20 feet.  Minimum Lot Width: 80 feet.  Maximum Impervious Surface: 30%.  Maximum Building Height: 35 feet / 2 ½ stories.  Setback for Accessory Uses: 10 feet.
2.4. Add a new subsection 188-98.I. to read as follows:
I. Additional requirements for the R8A District.
(1) The affordable housing obligation for the R8A District is 88 units, which shall be provided in accordance with the Settlement Agreement dated October 15, 2019 between Hillsborough Township and M&M Realty Partners, LLC.
(2) The total number of dwelling units constructed in the R8A District shall not exceed 380.
(3) In addition to the accessory uses permitted in §188-98.C, clubhouses, swimming pools, tennis or other sport courts, sitting or picnic areas, walking, cycling or exercise trails and other appropriate active and passive recreational facilities are permitted. Accessory structures shall not exceed 15 feet in height with the following exceptions: Cabanas shall not exceed 20 feet in height; A community clubhouse shall comply with the bulk standards for a detached single-family house.
(4) Fences are limited to six feet in height in side and rear yards and four feet in front yards. Solid fences are prohibited in the front yard. Fences shall not be located in any required sight triangle.
(5) The regular and customary maintenance of vegetation and facilities within any required conservation areas including but not limited to flood hazard areas, watercourses, water bodies, stream corridors, wetland areas, wetland buffer areas, and detention basins, shall be conducted by a private association.

Maintenance activities include but are not limited to: lawn maintenance; planting and mulching of landscape beds; tree maintenance; removal of dead or diseased trees or limbs; removal of invasive plant species; pond and stormwater facility maintenance; cleaning, improvement, and protection of drainage systems; site stabilization measures; and similar improvements to keep the conservation areas appropriately clean and maintained. All maintenance activities located within designated conservation areas shall be subject to and comply with NJDEP and DRCC rules, regulations and restrictions.
(6) Signs. A signage program shall be established as part of the development review and
approval process pursuant to the requirements contained in Section 188-83.G, unless otherwise noted below:
(a) There shall be a consistent sign design theme throughout the district related to style of lettering, construction material, size proportion, and lighting.
(b) A comprehensive signage plan shall be provided covering overall project identification, traffic regulations, pedestrian crossing, street identification, parking and directional instructions. 
(c) The district may have one permanent project/entry sign on each of the following roads: Sunnymeade, Hamilton, and Falcon Roads, with a maximum area of 20 square feet each and not exceeding four feet in height. The signs shall not be located in any sight triangles nor closer than 20 feet from a public right-of-way. 
(7) Any phasing of the project shall be subject to approval of a phasing plan by the applicable Board.

ATTEST: ________________________________ Pamela Borek, Township Clerk
TOWNSHIP OF HILLSBOROUGH: ________________________________ Doug Tomson, Mayor
Introduced:   2/25/2020 Published:  03/06/2020 Public Hearing:  03/24/2020 Adopted:  Published: