SOMERVILLE, N.J. – Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH) Somerset, a member of RWJBarnabas Health, proudly announces that urologist, Anthony Catanese, MD, recently won his division at the U.S. Judo Senior National Championship in Salt Lake City, Utah. Dr. Catanese trained at RWJUH Somerset’s Performance Fitness to prepare for the competition.

Judo is a martial art that emphasizes the use of quick movement and leverage to throw an opponent. Its techniques are generally intended to turn an opponent's force to one's own advantage rather than to oppose it directly. Practicing since he was six years old, Dr. Catanese competed on St. John’s University’s Judo team and rose to the rank of 5th degree black belt. He has competed internationally, served as a physician for the world team and written a book about the sport. After finishing fourth in his age group in the national championship last year, the 60-year-old Tewksbury resident turned to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset’s Performance Fitness program, located within the Sports Physical Therapy and Performance Center at TD Bank Ballpark in Bridgewater, for highly-attentive group fitness coaching to help improve his strength and address his chronic knee and back pain. Dr. Catanese trains two-to-three times a week at a Judo club in Cranford in addition to his workouts at the RWJUH Performance Fitness. On days when he is performing surgeries at the hospital, he runs five times up and down five flights of stairs in between cases to stay in shape.


“Judo is a physically demanding sport that is high on strategy and brains. You win by using someone else’s strength against them. The team of coaches at Performance Fitness Sports really worked closely with me to assess my goals and develop a custom workout in a small group setting. For me, it was equivalent to a custom Olympic-style workout,” said Dr. Catanese. “One of my coaches, Ray Deleon, even started taking judo classes so he could understand the sport and what areas I needed to work on to be able to perform at the highest level. Now that’s dedication! I’m grateful to them for their support and couldn’t have won this title without them."

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Dr. Catanese came in first place in US Judo Senior National Championship in the Master 7 category for males weighing 90 kilograms.


“The ultimate goal of our program was to improve his overall performance in the sport as well as functionality in life,” says Ray Deleon, MS, CSCS, one of the Performance Fitness coaches. “The combination of our program’s approach with gaining a deeper understanding of the sport of judo allowed us to better communicate and specialize specific exercises towards Dr. Catanese.  We are thankful that Dr. Catanese chose us to help him, and we celebrate his success and national championship!”

“We’re proud to have had a positive impact on Dr. Catanese’s accomplishment at the U.S. Judo Senior National Championship through strengthening and injury prevention strategies,” said Ryan Stevens, MPS, ATC, CSCS, Clinical Supervisor of Athletic Training and Wellness for RWJUH Somerset. “We work with adults and athletes of all ages and abilities. Our fitness community ranges from adults of all ages to middle school through professional level athletes, existing to help people achieve whatever their personal goals are in sport, work, and life. Whatever your individual goals are, you’ll get the fitness coaching you deserve!”

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset is the leader in sports injury and orthopedic rehabilitation services in Central New Jersey. In addition to the Performance Fitness program, The RWJ Sports Physical Therapy and Performance Center provides treatment for people of all ages with various orthopedic and sports-related injuries and conditions. Its staff also has extensive experience treating high school, college, professional, and Olympic athletes helping patients achieve their health and performance goals.

The RWJ Sports Physical Therapy and Performance Center can help enhance athletic performance and physical fitness, prevent acute and chronic injuries, and extend athletic careers.

RWJUH Somerset offers an extensive range of therapeutic programs and services (at five NJ locations) based on the most advanced treatment approaches and technologies in rehabilitative and sports medicine. For more information about Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset’s physical therapy and sports medicine services, visit