To the Editor:

Tom Malinowski does NOT represent the people of New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District.  He represents the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in Congress using the NJ CD-7 seat.

This should not be news as the DNC openly recruited DC/Beltway lobbyists and staffers like Andy Kim and Tom Malinowski to move to New Jersey and run for Congress in 2018.  Congressmen not only represent their districts through their votes on the floor but intervening on behalf of constituents to get support from the federal government.

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If you are a local mayor who needs help from the US Department of Transportation, don’t expect Tom Malinowski to respond.  If you are a local business that needs a report from the FAA, don’t expect Congressman Malinowski to return your calls.  If you are a local VFW chapter asking to meet with Mr. Malinowski about a potential VA Clinic closure, you can expect that meeting to be turned down.

Tom Malinowski is not interested in representing the people in our community.  He is highly motivated to carry the water for the Democrats in Washington that sent him to Rocky Hill to rent an apartment less than a year before the 2018 election.

Senator Tom Kean has a long legacy of standing up for the people of Central New Jersey.  His family has been serving New Jersey for generations.  Tom grew up in New Jersey, understands our moderate views, and will go to Washington to represent all of us.  He will intervene on our behalf to get the Federal Government to help solve our local problems and reach across the aisle to reach a bipartisan consensus on our national issues.

Please join me and vote for Tom Kean to represent us in the US Congress.  Put your ballot in the mail or at your local town’s ballot drop box.