SOMERVILLE, NJ – Yestercades, the video and arcade game emporium at 29 Division Street, made its contribution to the eclectic nature of the pedestrian mall yesterday, moving all of its gaming machines and furniture outside so that work crews could install new carpet.

Pinball machines, video games from Space Invaders to Pac-Man, Street Fighter and NBA Jam and classic Ski-Ball machines were unplugged and packed together side-by-side outside the storefront.

Glinting in the bright sunshine of a 90-degree day, the assemblage turned more than a few heads of passers-by.

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Division Street hosts outdoor dining, food festivals, art shows, comedy nights, movie nights, live music, crafts fairs, Christmas tree lightings and other events, and has gradually grown to become the epicenter of an eclectic downtown that turns heads and draws crowds weekdays, week nights and weekends.

Poking through a tool box, Gary Berish, general manager of Yestercades, apologized for the disarray, assuring curious passers-by that all the consoles, games and furniture would be moved back inside, plugged in and ready for gamers by Thursday.