Dear Editor:

I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you all for the support, encouragement, and positivity. And of course thank you to Jane Staats my running-mate, for being by my side at every turn and being a truly great individual and human being.

To Doug Tomson and Gloria McCauley, I wish you well and hope that you are successful in your terms in Hillsborough for the next three years.

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Running for office in Hillsborough helped me learn so much about my own hometown. No matter how much you think you have a firm grasp on ideas and people, you can always learn so much more.

Jane and I spoke with thousands of residents for the last several months. We became as engaged as anyone in local politics can be, and we fought for issues we believed in. That makes me proud. I wouldn’t change a single aspect of what we did as a campaign. Even in times of failure, there can be no regret so long as you’ve worked hard and valued others, which Jane and I did along with so many of our friends, volunteers, and family.

I have always valued public service. This campaign has done nothing but solidify that belief. Consistent engagement in politics is what moves the needle. We knocked on the doors of every resident in town that we could, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. We learned that the best way to engage with people at their door, is to simply listen.

Being a public servant is not about having all the right answers, no one has those. It is about having a dialogue. It is about recognizing the downsides of proposals, and realizing when you’re wrong. It is about keeping your hands on the pulse of the people you want to represent so that they understand why you want to move this way or that way on an issue.

There were days that were harder than others, and some days where everything seemed to go right. That is to be expected, that is life. The one thing I’m certain of is I will continue my engagement in public service. The day we turn a blind eye to things our government does that is wrong is the day that we’ve lost. Whether it’s a new bill passed by Congress, or the purchase of a piece of equipment for the local government, there can be no absence of the public.

I will continue to be at every township meeting that I can, and hope to see more residents there as well.

Harrison Burke