HILLSBOROUGH, NJ- Three Raritan Valley Community College Engineering majors helped make the night “glow” during Duke Farms’ Annual CreatureFest.

The students, Alia Rind of Hillsborough, Sushmita Singh of Bridgewater and Arthur Romano of Franklin, members of the College’s Authentic Engineering Experience “Duke Farms Team,” brought hands-on science demonstrations to the estimated 2,000 visitors at CreatureFest.

Their project enabled visitors a firsthand experience generating electricity by moving a magnet through a coil of copper wire. The Team’s table—“Ready, Set, Glow!!”—was constantly “buzzing” with children and adults during the three-hour event, making science education a hands-on, memorable experience for all ages.

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Through team-based challenges, students participating in RVCC Professor Peter Stupak’s Authentic Engineering Experience are introduced to real-world problem solving. Students team in groups of 2-4 to make a real product for an actual customer in one semester. Working with the customer, students design a prototype, make changes based on feedback, and deliver the product on deadline. The hands-on projects are funded by the RVCC Foundation.

The RVCC Team is currently developing Professional Development modules designed for teachers attending soon-to-be-released workshops at Duke Farms focusing on the subject of electrical energy generation and cross-curricular environmental topics, which are tied to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The seminar also will be used to educate elementary school students.