To the Editor,

I am a registered Democrat that prides myself on voting for the person I believe is best qualified to do the job in the office being sought, regardless of party affiliation.  In the local election for Hillsborough Township Committee, I will absolutely be voting to reelect Mayor Frank DelCore.

Local Township government is about having leadership you know you can “trust”:  Trust to spend our tax dollars as prudently and efficiently as they would their own;  trust that they will act with empathy, but responsibly to make tough decisions based on facts, not emotions;  trust that they will always be there for our kids, our seniors, our businesses, our “community”, and putting the interest of Hillsborough first.

I have observed Mayor DelCore’s leadership since he first joined the Township Committee.  He continues to do excellent work for Hillsborough. I know I’m not alone when I say there is nobody Hillsborough residents can trust more to lead our town for the next three years.  I sincerely hope my fellow residents will agree with me and vote to reelect Frank DelCore on Nov. 5th.