HILLSBOROUGH, NJ - Attention Hillsborough Senior Citizens aged 60 and older:

In an effort to provide individuals that are at higher risk than the general public, ShopRite of Hillsborough is offering special shopping hours exclusive to those 60 years and older, according to Mayor Douglas Tomson. The store will be open to senior citizens only from the 7-8 a.m.

If you, or someone you know falls into this high risk category, and have no other means of getting to the grocery store, please contact the Hillsborough Township Social Services Department at 908-369-3880 to find out how they can help you arrange a ride.

"Help ShopRite of Hillsborough and Hillsborough Township get this important message out.," Tomson said. "If you have an elderly neighbor or family member that may not have access to email, please pass this information along."