HILLSIDE, NJ – In answer to an inquiry by the Hillside Board of Education, Daryl Palmieri, executive county superintendent, wrote in a letter that Hawaiian Thompson-Epps will fill the vacancy until the November, 2019, board elections.


The letter dated Jan. 24, 2019, addressed to Dr. David Eichenholz, Hillside BOE school business administrator/secretary, cites “N.J.S.A. 18A:12-15” in confirming the appointment made by Palmieri.


Thompson-Epps was appointed when it was discovered that , Dennis Kobit  was found to be ineligible to serve because he had not passed the required criminal background check.


In the original letter dated Dec. 21, 2018, sent to Dr. Eichenholtz, Palmieri stated: “Due to the disqualification of the recently elected Board member, I will default to the next highest vote getter in this past November election. Therefore, I appoint Hawaiian Thompson-Epps as a board member to fill the vacated seat existing on the Hillside Board of Education. This appointed board member will serve a term in accordance with N.J.S.A. 18:A:12-15 and the applicable vacancy.”