Hillside NJ-
Our local Hillside Police Department is reminding all residents that October is Crime Prevention Month. Only a friendly reminder to ensure you are paying attention to a few key security areas, you may be inadvertently open to at home. First, ensure that your bushes are trimmed; and there is no place for a person to hide on the outer perimeter of your house. They also recommend that even when you leave the house, during night hours, to go at least one light in the house on. Leaving the light on in the house will often deter someone from entering your home in fear that someone is home. Ensure that your home address is displayed and visible from the street. This is done just in case emergency vehicles need to arrive at your home promptly, and time is not wasted searching for the correct street number. If you have valuables (Bikes, Grills, Tools) outside your home, be sure to lock them up in a shed; or at least keep them out of sight. Finally, they also recommend investing in an outdoor camera to monitor your property. There have been reported cases of people taking packages from people’s porches, and a camera will deter and help with identifying a perpetrator; if this should happen at your home. Though we are entering the ending of October, Tap Into Hillside would like you to please take the time to safeguard your home base.