HILLSIDE, N.J – Students at Hillside High held a “Sit-In” in support of Hillside High Principal Christine Sidwa and the board of education listened.


On Tuesday afternoon, Hillside High students came out to support Sidwa after hearing she might be in danger of losing her position. Hillside Superintendent Dr. Antoine Gayles acknowledged that Sidwa would keep her position at the Wednesday board of education meeting.


 “There was a sit-in at the high school, I couldn’t have been more proud of the way that you conducted yourselves, it was absolutely amazing,” Dr. Gayles said. “I want you to know students that your voices were heard. Before the board meeting I met with the board. Mrs. Sidwa, we’ve decided were moving this, Mrs. Sidwa will keep her position.’’

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Hillside community members had gathered at the board of education meeting to voice their support for Sidwa.


“It feels amazing to know that so many people came out to support me and to speak on my behalf,” Sidwa said. “I’ve always said to myself if I could at least touch one student’s life that would be amazing, but the fact that all of my students came out to support me speaks volumes  and I’m so thankful for everything.”


Hillside High sophomore Larrisa Wade, one of the students who came out to support Sidwa said: “I was extremely happy to all who were there, to hear me speak about my struggles of school to get where I am today. I wouldn’t have done it without Mrs. Sidwa’s guidance.”


Community Member Carrie Williams, said, “Mrs. Sidwa has made a priceless impact to many children, including my son, Jahquan Williams, who is a cancer survivor now in college. She raises the expectations of our kids. Our kids are not test scores.”